VITSAUS +Sielunmessu+ CD

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VITSAUS +Sielunmessu+ CD

Mensaje  ZAITHAM ISCARIOTE el Mar Jun 22, 2010 11:46 pm

Years in the making, Vitsaus' debut full-length is now available. Rather than widening their weaponary from the previous releases, Vitsaus aims to take the usage of the old arms to a new level within the spectrum of nordic raw Black Metal, sharpening the blades still. Ever present is the balanced and fittingly harrowing sound, pithy execution and thought-through compositions. But like every weapon is useless without its master, it's up to the perceiver to learn the expertise in the usage of the weapon and let the blade do the damage.

Sample songs from the album:

Available now from Hammer of Hate mailorder for 12 euros including priority shipping with plastic case worldwide.

Vinyl version later.

Para los que gusten del black metal en la vena de Sargeist, esta banda hace lo suyo sin sonar a copia, denle una oida y convensance!

Twisted Evil

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