Adumus se toman un parón...

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Adumus se toman un parón...

Mensaje  Bloodstorm el Dom Sep 06, 2009 11:35 pm

Los blackers Adumus, publican este blog en su MySpace... donde confirman que dejan el grupo parado por un tiempo...

domingo, septiembre 06, 2009


Greetings Legions!

There are a couple of excellent gatherings at the end of the month, and we need to announce that VomitFest on September 26th will be the last ADUMUS gig for quite some time. Please spread the word! Cerberus has decided to part ways with the band for personal endeavors (joined the U.S. army) which will leave him unable to continue on with us for a while. We want to give a mighty hails to him for 10 years of hard work, and unmatched creative genious!

Rather than try to replace Cerberus, ADUMUS' remaining members (Vomit, Moon, Fiend) have decided to put the band on hold for a while until he can possibly rejoin the horde. In the meantime, we've taken on a new direction with a brand new black metal project in which we've proudly brought Grimlord (IMPRECATION, BAHIMIRON) onboard for vocal duties. The project is called MORBUS 666, and we will be opening the DESTROYER 666 show here in Houston on September 27th. Come out early and check out our set if you can! We will keep you all informed about when there will be a MySpace page up and tracks available for your auditory annihilation! MORBUS 666 is currently in the studio working on a 5-song EP, still untitled, which we plan to release by the end of the year. Black Fucking Metal!

Hails, and ADUMUS would like to thank those who have supported us for the last decade! Please note that the band is not dissolved, but rather put on hold for a little while.. If there's a chance we can reuinite in the future, then we definitely will.

Show your support for Cerberus at his last gig!!

And check out our new project, MORBUS 666 the following night!

Until next time......

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