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lista cambio venta 21/0972009

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Interesados por privado.


Absu: the third storm of cythraul !st press jewel case 1997
Absurd: blutgericht CD BOX very ltd. edition
Abyssic Hate: suicidal emotions 1st press
Amaka Hahina: aheah shaergatan! (Vermeth sideproject)
Annihilatus: blood and war (Finnish Satanic black metal)
Bathory: blood fire death 1993 press
Bathory: hammerheart 1993 press
Bestial Summoning: the dark war continues (inc all discography, lyrics. Bio…)
Black Witchery/Conqueror: hellstorm of evil vengeance
Burzum: burzum 1st press DSP 1992
Burzum: hvis lyset tar oss 1st PRESS jewel case Misanthropy 1993
Carpathian Forest: strange old brew
Carpathian Forest: through chasm… MCD very 1st press with black bag and logo engraved. Lim. 100
Celtic Warrior: invader
Clandestine Blaze: fire burns in our hearts 1st press
Clandestine Blaze: night of the unholy flames 1st press
Clandestine Blaze: deliverers of faith
Crushing the holy trinity: A-5 3CD (with C. Blaze, D. Omega, Musta Surma, Exordium, Mgla & Stabat Matter)
Darkthrone: panzerfaust 1st PRESS 1995
Darkthrone: total death 1st PRESS 1996
Deathspell Omega: infernal battles 1st PRESS
Deathspell Omega: inquisitors of satan 1st PRESS
Dissection: the past is alive Digipack Necropolis rec. 1st press
Dissection: storm of the lights bane 1st press jewel case
Einherjer: aurora borealis MCD Orig. Warmageddon Rex.
Emperor: in the nightside eclipse CD 1st PRESS 1994
Emperor/Enslaved: emperor/hordanes land 1st press candlelight
Empire Falls: show of force NEW!
Enslaved: vikingligr veldi 1st press DSP
Enslaved: eld CD 1st PRESS 1997
Falkenbach: en their medh riki fara Orig. No Colours
Funeral Winds: godslayer xul 1st PRESS Daimonion Prod.
Gontyna Kry: blood of our fathers DIGIPACK + POSTER + 3 STICKERS NEW!!! 5 copies left! 10€
Gotmoor: vlaemsche premitieven
Graveland: the celtic winter CD
Grom: pagan war machine lim. 500 MCD
Immortal: pure holocaust CD 1st PRESS 1993
Heretic: black metal holocaust CD 1st PRESS Berzerker 1999 copy #358/500
Ildjarn: det frysende nordariket Digipack
Judas Iscariot: distant in solitary night Moribund 1999
Kampfar: kampfar MCD 1st PRESS Season of Mist
Legion of Doom: god is dead
Lividity: the age of clitoral decay
Lucifugum (ukr): on hooks to pieces CD inc. video clip for PC
Maniac Butcher: lukan antikrist CD 1st PRESS
Mayhem/Darkthrone: true legends in black
Mundzuk: unholy forces (slimline Pro-MCD-R)
Naer Mataron: skotos aenaon
Nargaroth: herbstleyd 1st PRESS Very 1st press in silver print & uncensored
Parnassus: in doloriam gloria Secula Delenda (Puissance member)
Pazuzu: and all was silent HNF1994
Purest: renascence NEW! Darker than black rex.
Ravenbanner: and ravens sing our glorious past Lim. 1000 with DER STÜRMER/WOLFNACHT members 4 copies left! 8€
Ravensblood: from the tumulus depths
Saltus: imperium slonca
Samael: worship him CD 1st PRESS 1991 Osmose/SPV
Szron/Kriegsmachine: split cd
The True Beltez: Beltane
Therion: theli 1st press (little cut in the booklet)
Thunderbolt: the burning deed of deceit
Tsjuder: demonic possession DIGIPACK 1st press 2002
Wallachia (nor): wallachia MCD Orig. 1996
Warloghe: the first possession 1st PRESS Drakkar 1999
Watain: rabid death’s curse CD 1st PRESS
Windir: sóknardalr HNF 1997
Xasthur: nocturnal poisoning
Xasthur: a gate through bloodstained mirrors
Xasthur: the funeral of being
Xasthur/Acid Enema split CD-R 1st PRESS 2002 (Pro-labeled CD-R) lim. 100 Official Release!

Annihilatus: annihilation 10” NH lim. 300
Arcana: cantar de procella LP lim. 1000 White vinyl 1st press
Baptism: the beherial midnight LP
Bestial Summoning: the dark war has begun LP 1992 NO FASHION
Black Funeral: belial arisen LP lim. 500 ***NEAR MINT***
Bloodhammer/Incriminated: split LP NH lim. 400
Burzum: demo LP Vinyl Maniac Rec.
Clandestine Blaze: church of atrocity LP NH
Clandestine Blaze/Satanic Warmaster LP lim. 400 clear splatter vinyl
Cryogenic/Dies Ater: split LP copy #205/300
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult/Donkelheet LP Lim. 666
Darkmoon Warrior: in finis interiorum LP copy #257/500
Darkthrone: soulside journey LP 1st PRESS 1991 25€
Darkthrone: demo LP Rare Black Witchery rec. (inc. land of frost, thulcandra & cromlech demos + 1 reh. Track)
Deathspell Omega: kenose LP + Booklet
Deathspell Omega: fas-ite-maledicti… LP + booklet
Deathspell Omega/Malicious Secrets: split MLP
Der Stürmer: bloodsworn 1998-2008 2LP + poster + booklet NEW!
Exordium: exordium 10” NH copy #359/400
Funeral Mist: devilry LP + Poster
Graven: perished and forgotten LP lim. 500
Heretic: devilworshipper LP inc. 4 bonus copy #172/300
Impious Havoc: the great day of wrath LP Sombre
Judas Iscariot: of great eternity LP cover vg/vinyl vg++
Judas Iscariot: moonlight butchery 10” No Colours
Maniac Butcher/Inferno: metal from hell/chram nenavisty LP Sombre
Moonblood: fullmoon witchery LP 1st press black vinyl lim. to 215
Mutiilation: rattenkönig PIC LP + Booklet
Nargaroth: rasluka pt. I 10” MLP
Nastrond: from a black funeral coffin LP Cryptia
Nastrond: toteslaut LP Cryptia press
Obituary: slowly we rot LP 1st PRESS 1989
Obituary: cause of death LP 1st press 1990
Ofermod: mysterion tas anomias LP + Poster + Booklet
Ondskapt: 1st 2LP Ajna
Pest (swe): desecration LP
Pest (swe): daudafaerd LP
Proclamation: messiah of darkness… LP Red vinyl + Poster
The Black: the priest of satan LP Cryptia press
Torrent: between the stones MLP copy #293/666
Tsjuder: kill for satan LP 1st PRESS EAL 1 bonus track
Vlad Tepes: awaiting the black holocaust LP very lim. ed.
Vlad Tepes: old traditions rule keltia LP Blue wax Lim. to 107 copies
Warloghe: womb of pestilence LP inc. bonus track. Lim. 333
Xasthur: suicide in dark serenity MLP B. Onslaught Blue wax + patch + button & 2 inserts.

7” EP:
Ancient: det glemte riket 1st Press 1994 black vinyl
Antaeus/Malicious secrets: split ep Gatefold cover
Black Murder: feasts (black legions) copy #98/380
Blodarv: heksen copy #291/333
Burzum: once emperor Very Rare!
Carpathian Forest: ghoul/He’s turning blue PIC EP lim. 1000
Diaboli: descent into hell NH lim. 500
Eidomantum: the death Sombre rec. copy #74/333
Horna/Fog: split ep
Isvind: muspellz sonir Solist. 1994
Mordor: dark is the future PIC EP shivadarshana 1994
Naer Mataron: a holocaust in front of god’s eyes
Nunslaughter: guts of christ copy #8/500
Nunslaughter: trifurcate
Prophecy/Perversist: split ep Splatter vinyl
Vlad Tepes: return of…/winter reh. 2xEP Very lim. ed.
Warloghe: unlighted lim. 500
Xasthur/Nachtmystium: split ep Autopsy Kitchen

DEMO/TAPES: (all originals no fucking copies)
Bastard Saints: hanged… DEMO 1998
Clandestine Blaze: there comes the day NH
Clandestine Blaze: below the surface of cold earth NH
Clandestine Blaze: on the mission Orig. NH inc. lyrics
Clandestine Blaze: fire burns in our hearts NH
Eidomantum: from the tomb of all evil copy #12/50
Eidomantum: old blood copy #37/500
Forgotten woods: sjel av natten Orig. Pagan rec.
Graveland/Honor: split tape
Maniac Butcher: barbarians Orig. Pussy God rec.
Moonblood: dusk woerot MC lim. 666
North: wojna trwa
Perunwit/Kraina Bez Wiatru: split tape
Perunwit: w krego debów
Perunwit: wszystkie odcenie szarosci
Unholy Archangel: archgoat incantation

Gontyna Kry: the blood of our fathers. Size L NEW! 1 sided red & white print + runes on sleeves 9€

Wehrhammer stuff (ASK FIRST)
Armatus stuff (ASK FIRST)
Drowning the light vinyls
Martial (Pol) ALL
Estirpe Imperial first ep on vinyl
Klan: hordas celtíberas EP vinyl
División 250: revuelta LP
Rebeldes: el que la hace…la paga CD
Skrewdriver & No Remorse LPs (ONLY 1ST PRESSINGS AND ASK FIRST)
Totenkopf (Sweden) (ASK FIRST)
Von Thronstahl: sturmzeit MLP
SS 1488 (Öst) deathmarch to treblinka PROMO TAPE
Third Reich songs and speeches on vinyl
Code of Violence: CD
Attack (Usa): fade away CD
Flammable Hebrews DEMO TAPE (side project from B. Mouldry of THE TRUE XENOPHOBIA)

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