Clone - Play Slow.Die Fast · Vol I

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Clone - Play Slow.Die Fast · Vol I

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Clone - Play Slow.Die Fast · Vol I - LP

Format: 12" vinyl
Year: 2009
Status: Available
400 copies in 185g black vinyl
200 copies in 190g white vinyl & deluxe silkscreen printed wooden box (individual handnumbered)
All copies w/ embossed cover incl. stamped oval diecut
12 paged 9"-sized booklet, leaflet etc.
Artwork: Scrawled design

Mahagony (Left) and Oak (Right)

Line-up for Volume I:

*Salome - Blueprint (Fugazi)
*The Austrasian Goat - Mask (Bauhaus)
*Atavist - Mindless (Infest)
*Coffins - Ebony Tears (Cathedral)
*Monarch - A Look At Tomorrow (Discharge)
*La Cuenta - It's in my Blood! (Bl'ast)
*Fistula - Dead in a Ditch (D.R.I)
*HC Minds - Black Machine (Cirith Ungol)

Total mayhem of 41 minutes.
Volume 2 later this year
Volume 3 and 4 most likely in 2010

Collection box (wooden box plus regular copy but 190g white vinyl) 28 EURO
Regular copy 12 EURO

12-paged booklet

The ltd. version of the Volume I (only) will come in a printed wooden box (200 copies) to collect all 4 Volumes. All volumes come in a die-cut stamped, embossed and printed coversleeve, plus 9"x9" twelve-paged booklet, plus insert with the mainartwork in 12"x12".

Box details:
- Printed with the clone logo
- Hinged lid
- Pronged connections
- Nostalgia nickel-plated fittings
- Size: 33cmx33cmx5cm (13"x13"x2")

Full Series of 4 Volumes (Vol. 2-4 NOT available yet)

Line-up Volume II:

*Aguirre - Like Weeds (His Hero Is Gone)
*Thou - Well Fed Fuck (Born Against)
*Hey Colossus - Institutionalized (Suicidal Tendencies)
*Loss - Fog (Goatlord)
*Golden Gorilla - Absentee Debate (Unbroken)
*On Pain Of Death - Troops Of Doom (Sepultura)
*Moloch - Lightening Strikes Twice (Rorschach)

Blind Date Records

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