Nile entra en el estudio la próxima semana!

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Nile entra en el estudio la próxima semana!

Mensaje  Bloodstorm el Vie Jun 05, 2009 9:04 pm

Bueno pues que mirando por el "MySpace" veo que los americanos NILE, entran en el estudio para la próxima semana a grabar lo que será su nueva obra, pongo el anuncio:

viernes, junio 05, 2009 2:10

NILE To Enter Studio Next Week
South Carolina-based technical death metal band NILE has issued the following update:

"We've been getting lots of questions about NILE's new album and touring, so, we thought we'd give a little update on what NILE is up to these days...

"NILE has been working their fingers to the bone for quite some time, writing and rehearsing to record their new album. On Monday, June 8, they head to Tampa, Florida to track drums at Erik Rutan's [MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE] Mana Recording Studio. Neil Kernon [CANNIBAL CORPSE, NEVERMORE, DEICIDE] will be on board as well.

"NILE is shooting for an October release of the upcoming album.

"There is a European tour in the works for November of this year, and an American tour planned for January 2010. Details will be announced as they are confirmed."

NILE guitarist/vocalist Karl Sanders told Revolver magazine earlier in the year that the band's sixth full-length album will likely be NILE's most eclectic offering to date. "We're going to some very unexpected places," he said. "I've been listening to some oud music [the oud is a Middle Eastern lute — Ed.], Iranian music, and some Hindu stuff, and that stuff's definitely rubbing off on the new songs."

Karl Sanders's second solo album, "Saurian Exorcisms", was released on April 14 via The End Records. The CD — which was recorded at Serpent Headed Studios, mixed by Bob Moore at the Soundlab in Columbia, South Carolina, and mastered by Juan Punchy Gonzalez at D.O.W. Studios in Tampa, Florida — contains nine carefully constructed dark cinematic songs that work in harmony to create a uniquely moving emotional experience.

Fan-filmed video footage of NILE's September 2, 2008 performance at Futurum in Prague, Czech Republic can be viewed below (clip uploaded by YouTube user "Anachronoux").

NILE's fifth studio album, "Ithyphallic", came out on July 17, 2007 via Nuclear Blast. Engineered by Bob Moore and produced by Neil Kernon, the CD was recorded at Sound Lab Studios in Columbia, South Carolina.


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Re: Nile entra en el estudio la próxima semana!

Mensaje  Hnz. Guderian el Vie Jun 05, 2009 10:08 pm

Gran noticia, no tenía ni idea.

Lo espero con ganas. Aunque siempre me parecieron mejores y más innovadores en los tiempos del "Catacombs" y "Black Seeds" (amén de las primeras demos y EP, será por la época), es innegable que Sanders y compañía han sabido mantenerse como uno de los pilares maestros del (brutal) Death Metal actual. Qué cojones, todos sus discos son una jodida apisonadora sónica. Este es compra segura; es una de esas bandas que sabes que no te decepcionarán por mucho que vayas a ciegas.

Esperemos que la nueva gira les traiga por estos lares.

Hnz. Guderian

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