Busco discos de metal extremo clásico

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Busco discos de metal extremo clásico

Mensaje  torso el Jue Mar 15, 2018 10:39 pm


Estoy buscando para comprar los siguientes discos en CD:

Aborted "Global flatline"
Aborted "The necrotic manifesto"
Bolt thrower "War Master"
Bolt thrower "The IVth Crusade"
Bolt thrower "... For Victory"
Bolt thrower "Mercenary"
Bolt thrower "Honour-Valour-Pride"
Bolt thrower "Those Once Loyal"
Bloodbath "Grand morbid funeral"
Carcass "Symphonies of sickness"
Celtic frost "Morbid tales"
Celtic frost "To mega therion"
Celtic frost "Monotheist"
Danzig "Deth red sabaoth"
Death "Leprosy"
Death "Human"
Death Spiritual healing"
Death "Symbolic"
Death Individual Thought patterns"
Dejadeath "Viva dios"
Der weg Einer Freheit "Stellar"
Der weg Einer Freheit "Finisterre"
Emperor "In the Nightside Eclipse"
Emperor "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"
Entombed "Inferno"
Enslaved "Eld"
Enslaved "Frost"
Enslaved "Bloodhemn"
Enslaved "Vertebrae"
Enslaved "Axioma Ethica Odini"
Enslaved "Riitiir"
Enslaved "In Times"
Enslaved "E"
Leprous "Coal"
Moonspell "Wolfheart"
Moonspell "Irreligious"
Moonspell "Sin / Pecado"
Moonspell "The Butterfly Effect"
Moonspell "Darkness and Hope"
Moonspell "The Antidote"
Moonspell "Memorial"
Moonspell "Night Eternal"
Moonspell "Alpha Noir/Omega White"
Moonspell "Extinct"
Napalm death "From enslavement to obliteration"
Napalm death "The code is red...long live the code"
Napalm death "Smear campaign"
Napalm death "Utilitarian"
Obituary "Slowly we rot"
Obituary "Cause of death"
Obituary "World demise" Digi a poder ser
Obituary "Inked in blood"
Obituary "Obituary"
Slayer "God hates us all"
Sodom "Code red"
Sodom "Epitome of torture"
The haunted "Strength in numbers"
Trap them "Darker Handcraft"
Trap them "Blissfucker"
Trap them "Crown Feral"
Watain "Lawless darkness"
Watain "Rabid Death's Curse"
Watain "Casus Luciferi"
Watain " Sworn to the Dark"
Watain " Lawless Darkness"
Watain " The Wild Hunt"
Watain "Trident Wolf Eclipse"

En vinilo busco:
Black breath "Heavy breathing"
Black sabbath "Black sabbath"*
Black sabbath "Paranoid"*
Black Sabbath "Master of reality"*
Black sabbath "Vol. 4"*
Black sabbath "Heaven and hell"*
Judas priest "Unleashed in the east"
Kadavar "Kadavar"
Kreator "Pleasure to kill
Kreator "Extreme agression
Ozzy osbourne "The ultimate sin"
Ozzy osbourne "No rest for the wicked"
Rainbow "Rising"
Rainbow "Long live rock n roll"


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