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Mensaje  SuffocAnton el Dom Ene 28, 2018 10:36 am

Crowbar equilibrium
Crowbar past and present
Antigama Meteor
Catastrophic the cleansing
Wasteform Crushing the reviled
Spasm Pussy de Luxe
Visceral bleeding absorbing the disarray
Arch enemy rise of the tyrants
Arch enemy the root of all evil
Arch enemy doomsday machine
In quest operation citadel
Hate Eternal fury and flames
Hate Eternal i monarch
Hate Eternal king of all kings
Gorgasm bleeding profusely
Thelema Fearful symmetry
Dead for ten weeks Bloodline detriment
Chimaira pass out of existence
Chimaira Chimaira
Chimaira resurrection
Chimaira The impossibility of reason
Chimaira The infection
Rhapsody symphony of enchanted lands
Demonical servants of the unlight
Demonical hellsworn
Deeds of flesh path of the weakening
Deeds of flesh trading pieces
Deeds of flesh gradually melted
Disavowed stagnated existence
Origin antíthesis
Origin origin
Origin informis infinitas inhumanitas
Origin echoes of decimation


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