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Mensaje  FOREVER el Lun Ago 14, 2017 3:58 pm

Hola, dejo lista de material variado.. hago descuento si pillas varios... los gastos de envío a parte. Un saludo.

artist title label format price
AN Pure Northern Hell Northern Sound Records 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Anapilis / Valefar Dausos... Gyvenimo Pilnatvė/Mirtis Ir Tyla Danza Ipnotica Records 7", EP, Ltd 4.0
Anatomy / Long Voyage Back Poison Blood / Suncrusher Bleed Records (2) 7" 3.0
Anencephalus / Necromorph Mykosis Fungoides Not On Label (Anencephalus Self-Released), Not On Label (Necromorph Self-Released) 7", Single 3.0
Angel Rot Screw Drive Fuck Records 7" 4.0
Angelkill Lady Cadaver Enigmatic 7" 6.0
Animus (Cool Homo Homini Deus Horned Records 7", RE, Ltd 3.0
Arkenstone Lusitanian Pride Satanachia Productions, Hades Productions (2), View Beyond Records 7", Ltd, Num 3.0
Astral Rising Alpha State Arkham Prod. 7" 3.0
Axis Powers / Ill-Natured Fresh Human Flesh Deathstrike Records 7", Ltd 3.0
Behalf Fiend A Step To Chaos Necromancer Records 7", Ltd 3.0
Bethlehem / Benighted In Sodom Suizidal-Ovipare Todessehnsucht Obscure Abhorrence Productions 7", EP, Ltd 4.0
Betray My Secrets Oh, Great Spirit Serenades Records 7", EP 4.0
Blood Thirsty Demons / Wytchkraft Horror In The Grave/At The Satanic Mass Metal Coven Records 7", Single, Ltd 3.0
Born Of Fire Chosen By The Gods Primitive Art Records 7", Red 3.0
Brandpest I Fandens Vold Og Magt Horror Records 7", Ltd 6.66
Brick (Cool Smack Froghouse Records 10", Whi 5.0
Cadaver / Voice Of Hate Split EP Temple Of Darkness Records 7", Ltd, Gre 3.0
Cannibalistic Cult Sexual Motivation: Human Pieces On My Bed De Vermis Mysteriis 7" 4.0
Carcass Swansong Earache Cass, Album 2.5
Carpathian Forest Fuck You All !!!! - Caput Tuum In Ano Est Back On Black 2xLP, Album 11.0
Cephalic Highest Increase Of Brutality Xetal Records 7", Num, Blu 3.0
Chant Of Blasphemy Revelation Warfront Productions, Vargulf Production 7", Ltd, Num 3.0
Chant Of Blasphemy Revelation Warfront Productions, Vargulf Production 7", Ltd, Num 3.0
Coffins / Spun In Darkness Coffins / Spun In Darkness Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 7", Ltd, RP, Whi 4.0
Daemonlord Coil Of Devastation Necromancer Records 7", Ltd 3.0
Dawn Of Azazel Bloodforged Abdication Hellflame Productions 7", Single 3.0
Dead Reptile Shrine / Torturium Dead Reptile Shrine / Torturium Bestial Burst 12", Ltd 6.66
Decieverion ...Despondent Paragon Records (3) 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Denial Immense Carnage Vortex Blood Harvest 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Depression / Gonorrhoeaction Schatten / Putrefactory Cudgel 7", Ltd 3.0
Devilry / Ravening Upheaval / Ravening Of The Horns Bestial Burst, Northern Sound Records 7" 3.0
Disastrous Murmur / Embedded Disastrous Murmur / Embedded Perverted Taste 7", Ltd 3.0
Dissimulation Miglose... Ledo Takas Records 7", EP, Ltd, Num, Vio 3.0
Doomsday (Cool Steve/Forgotten...! R&K Records 7", Single 22.0
Drusus Spleen Sombre Records 7", Ltd 3.0
Eismalsott Best Before: Spring Northern Silence Productions 7", Ltd, Num 6.0
Eminenz Death Fall City Of The Dead, Miriquidi Productions LP, Comp, Ltd, Num 5.0
Enthralment Accursed In Divinity Cryptic Soul Production, Cryptic Soul Production 7", EP 4.0
Fog From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity Dark Horizon Records 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Fuck... I'm Dead Bring On The Dead Oroku Saki Records 7", EP 3.0
Gravewürm / Devil Lee Rot Infernal Gates Miriquidi Productions, City Of The Dead Records 7", Ltd, Num 3.0
Guidance Of Sin Acts Nocturnal Music 7", Single 3.0
Haatstrijd Satansplaag Sadolust Records 7" 3.0
Hades Exist To Resist Brainstorm Division LP, Ltd, Num, Pic 10.0
Hanker Web Of Faith Hellion Records 2xLP, Cle 10.0
Hearse Torch Hammerheart Records 7" 3.0
Hideous Mangleus We Live... ...You Sleep Thrash (2) 7" 8.9
Horned Almighty In The Year Of Our Horned Lord Infernus Rex 7" 6.9
Hunger Hunger Winter Records (Cool 7", EP 2.0
Immortal Hammer Volanie Bohyne Smrti Eclipse Productions 7", EP, Ltd 4.0
Impulse Manslaughter Sometimes Mind Control Records (2) 7" 4.0
Inferno / Fagyhamu Sacrifice For Black Metal Magic / Flames Of Torment Terranis Productions 7", Ltd, Num 3.0
Juggling Jugulars / Machine Gun Etiquette No More Consumers / Untitled Campary Records 10" 6.0
Lana Dagales Lana Dagales Boredom Noise 7", EP 3.0
Lord Black Moon Preacher Necromancer Records 7", Ltd 3.0
Lord Satanael Lord Satanael Total War Records, OP Records 7", EP 3.0
Machine Head Old Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records 10", Pic, Ltd, Single, Num 9.0
Mastic Scum Tilt Rødel Records 7", EP 3.0
Midnight Sun ...And The Fire Still Burns Northern Sound Records 7" 3.0
Monolith Sleep With The Dead Cacophonous Records 7", EP, Ltd, Mar 13.0
Morningstar Finnish Metal Northern Sound Records LP, Album, Ltd, Gat 6.66
Mortal Intention Sic Luceat Lux Christhunt Productions LP, Album 5.0
Mortiis The Grudge Earache 7", Ltd, Pos 3.0
Murder Corporation Retract The Hostile / Forced Into Regression Stormbringer Productions 7", Col 5.0
My Minds Mine / Unholy Grave My Minds Mine / Unholy Grave Rot Away Records 7", EP 3.0
Nebelkorona Dämmerung Im Herbst Not On Label 7", Ltd 3.0
Necromance / Enslaved Necromance / Enslaved Morbid Records (2) 7", EP 6.66
Necrosphere Mortis Causa Warlord Records, Warlord Records 7", EP 3.0
Nemesis Aeterna ...And The Trip Begins Calabozo Records, Voliac Rock Productions 7", EP, RE 3.0
Nephenzy In Anguish And Furious Pain Underground Loudness 7", EP, Gat 3.0
Nomicon De Rerum Natura Hard Blast Records 7", EP 4.0
NunSlaughter Hell On Austria Agonia Records LP, Ltd 21.0
NunSlaughter / Brody's Militia Punk As Fuck / Tribute Through Blasphemy Hells Headbangers, Haunted Hotel Records 7", EP 4.0
NunSlaughter / Cianide Sickened By The Sight Of Christ / Cianide Merciless Records 7", EP, Ltd 5.0
NunSlaughter / Unholy Grave How Cold The Grave / Anger Explosion Hells Headbangers 7", EP, Ltd, Sil 5.0
Parade of Souls Empyreum? Grief Of A Nymph Records 7", EP 4.0
Paragon Of Beauty Wundenozean Prophecy Productions 7", Pic 3.0
Profane Grace The Seal Of Xastur So It Is Done Productions 7" 4.0
Profanity Humade Me Flesh Not On Label 7" 3.0
Purgatory / Polymorph Split G.U.C. 10", Min 4.0
Refractory Refractory Animate Records 7" 3.0
Reprobate Le Carceri (The Prisons Of Invention) GWB Records 7" 3.0
Resurrecturis / Grief Of God Leichname Für Immer / Just 2 Deep Hits Quamby Hill 7" 3.0
Ribspreader The Monolith Blood Harvest 7", EP 3.0
Sabbat / Gorgon Rain Of Terror / A Fool In Love View Beyond Records 7", EP 4.0
Satan's Blood / Kult Ov Azazel Untitled / Revelations Reflected From A Dead Jehovahs Eyes Autopsy Stench Records 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Sathanas Warlords Of Death Agonia Records 7", EP, Ltd 4.0
Sear Bliss Decade Of Perdition Red Stream DVD-V, NTSC 4.0
Shadowbreed Avatar Painkiller Records 7", EP, Single 3.0
Short Hate Temper / Amen Short Hate Temper / Amen Sound Pollution Records 7" 3.0
Sol Axis ...To Mark The Ages Invictus Productions 10" 4.0
Soulgrind Black Orchid MMI Records 7", EP 8.9
Tangorodrim Justus Ex Fide Vivit Doomentia Records LP, Album, Ltd 8.9
The Brilliant Corners Teenage McQueen Records 7" 3.0
The Embraced Songs Of Death Aftermath Music 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
The True Frost ... In Eternal Strife W.T.C. Productions LP, Album 5.0
Unearthly Trance Electrocution Relapse Records LP, Album, Gre 13.0
Unholy Grave / Deranged Insane Murder / Pequena Farsa Bucho Discos 7", EP 4.0
Unholy Grave / The Mad Thrashers Unseen Fear / TMT Broken Brains Records 7", EP 3.0
Urgrund Battle Skin Invictus Productions 7", EP, Ltd 3.0
Various To Hell With... Cleveland (Compilation Vol. 1) Hells Headbangers 7", EP, Comp 3.0
Vortex Hammer Of The North Hellion Records LP, Album, RE, Ora 9.0
Walhalla War Over Nordland The Root Of All Evil 7", EP, Ltd, Tra 3.0
Warspite We Are With God... Xetal Records 7", Num 4.0

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