DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno" & "Invocaçâo Aos Mortos" ya disponibles

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DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno" & "Invocaçâo Aos Mortos" ya disponibles

Mensaje  blizzard el Sáb Mayo 20, 2017 9:59 am

MOSS 017 - DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno"
MOSS 018 - DEFUNTOS "Invocaçâo Aos Mortos"

Available again these two releases of Portuguese Black/Doom masters DEFUNTOS, this time as professional tapes.

Embrace the stench of past memories, of dead feelings
Only alive where the silent shadows dwell, in a mourning legacy...

Pro Cassettes limited to 100 copies.
5€ each tape + shipping. Orders to:



MOSS 015 - HIKAN "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit" Pro Tape  4,5€ LAST COPIES

MOSS 013 - NEGATIVA "02" 12"LP  13€

MOSS 009 - EMPTY "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair"  12"LP  13€


MOSS 019 - PRECARIA "Precaria" Pro Tape

LAST DISTRO ARRIVALS: (check complete catalog at

-BLACK FUNERAL "Ankou and the Death Fire" Digipak CD 9€
-DARK OPUS "Ignominious Fundamentals" Digipak MCD 6
-DARVULIA "Mysticisme Macabre" 12"LP  13€
-DO SKONU "Hell" 12"LP 14€
-FUNERAILLE "L'Antre Des Tenebres" Pro CD-R 5€
-GRAVELAND "Drunemeton" CD 9€
-KAEVUM "Natur" Tape 4€
-LERAJE "Ferro Ignique" 7"EP  5€
-MARTYRUM OMNIUM "Human Darkness" Tape 4€
-NECROSTRIGIS "Sinister Fire's Rituals" 7"EP  5€
-NEOINFERNO 262 "Hacking the Holy Code" Digipak CD 7€
-PALE MIST "Where the Darkness is Praised" CD 7€
-PRIMOGENORUM "Damned Hearts in the Abyss of Madness" 12"LP 14€
-RITUAL SUICIDE "Consecration Bound in Cruor" CD 9€
-TYMAH / DIECOLD / DUSK "True Carpathian Black Metal Assault/Live Tape 2007"  Double Tape 8€
-UNBEGOTTEN "Proem of the Unborn" Tape 4€
-VYROLAKOS "Demo 2000" Tape 4€

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