Cambio/Venta Grand Belial's Key Tape. Want/buy list

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Cambio/Venta Grand Belial's Key Tape. Want/buy list

Mensaje  Black Horizons el Sáb Nov 12, 2016 7:51 am

Cambio/Vendo Grand Belial's Key - Goat of a thousand young. Sinistrari Records.

Si no recuerdo mal la compre en su dia en DTM.

Puedo enviar imagen si se desea.



Arghoslent - Galloping through the Battleruins
Arghoslent - Incorrigible Bigotry
Arghoslent - Hornets of the Pogrom
Burzum - Hvis lyset tar oss
Carpathian Forest - Through chasm, caves and titan woods
Dark throne - A blaze in the northern sky
Darkthrone - Under a funeral moon
Darkthrone - Transilvanian hunger
Dissection - The Somberlain
Dissection - Storm of the light’s bane
Immortal - Pure Holocaust
Grand Belial’s Key - Mocking the philanhropist
Grand Belial’s Key - Judeobeast Assassination
Grand Belial’s Key - Kosherat
Gorgoroth - Pentagram
Gorgoroth - Antichrist
Judas Iscariot - Heaven in flames
Judas Iscariot - Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
Judas Iscariot - To Embrace the Corpses Bleeding
Mayhem - De mysteriis dom sathanas
Mütiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed Soul
Satyricon - Dark medieval times
Satyricon - The shadow throne
Vlad Tepes - Celtic Poetry
Vlad Tepes - Into Frosty Madness
Vlad Tepes - War funeral march
Vlad Tepes/Belketre - March to the black holocaust

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