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Mensaje  carlaphobia el Sáb Mar 26, 2016 5:25 pm

Oriented more faithful exponents of Death Metal,Black,Grind,Gore,Punk,Core since 1993 !!!
Many have claimed the death of the zine, but with more people cutting the cord to the internet because of the sheer amount of spam disguised as reporting, having a volume like this — that you can pick up and then feel you have a good basic grasp of the scene after an hour of reading — reduces the chaos and puts many metalheads with otherwise full lives back into the game.On its sixth issue,MALEFICARIUM has expanded its reach without losing touch with its direction, which is a feat of focus that most metal writers should aspire to.,News, interviews, reviews of bands like,Undersave,Anarchus,Gravesite,Bloodscribe,Unaussprechlichen Kulten,Totalickers,Explosion Cerebral Zine,Carnal Diafragma,Edenkaiser,Blacker,Totten Korps,Deiphago,Sorcery,Spermbloodshit,Porket Grinder,Ceremonial Casting,Necrogod,Authorize,Nekrofilth,Mortuary Drape,Repuked,Parasit,Balmog,Gore(Per.),Archagathus,Dios Hatio,Behexen,Morbosidad,finland scene report,letters, advertisements,reviews,Cds,Eps,Lps,Demos Tape,Fanzines..,concert schedule, 36 pages in DIN A-4 color cover, entirely in Spanish, professionally printed,Incl. 3 Way Split Cd"Exquisite Pus(Murcia),Carrioned(Bcn) and Confined(Bcn) 2007 + Poster Porket Grinder,Distributors,Traders...always welcome !!!

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        Maleficarium Magazine.
Apdo.21008 08080 Barcelona Spain
 maleficarium@neuralgiarecords.es" />


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