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Mensaje  torso el Miér Sep 23, 2015 11:27 am

Busco los siguientes discos

Carcass "Reek of putrefaction"
Carcass "Symphonies of sickness"
Carcass "Swansong"
Carcass "Surgical steel"
Children of bodom "Follow the reaper"
Death "Scream bloody gore"
Death "Human"
Death "Symbolic"
Death "Spiritual heading"
Death "leprosy"
Entombed "Inferno"
Gorguts "Considered dead"
Leprous "Bilateral"
Leprous "Coal"
Massive attack "Blue lines"
Napalm death "Scum"
Napalm death "From enslavement to obliteration"
Napalm death "The code is red...long live the code"
Napalm death "Utilitarian"
Nile "Black seeds of vengeance"
Nile "In their darkend shrines"
Nile "Annihilattion of the wicked"
Nile "Ithyphallic"
Nile "Those Whom the Gods Detest"
Obituary "Cause of death"
Obituary "The end complete"
Obituary "World demise"
Obituary "Frozen in time"
Obituary "Xecutioners return"
Obituary "Darkest day"
Radiohead "The bends"
Slayer "God hates us all"
Slayer "diabolus in musica"
Suffocation "Effigy of the forgotten"
Suffocation "Souls to deny"

No remasters, a poder ser. Ofreceme a ver que tienes porque busco más discos.

Vendo los siguientes discos o cambio por los de la lista superior que busco, no me importa hacer 3x1 de death metal.

A "Hi-fi serious" 2€
Agony scene "Darkest red" 2€
Anal hard "Tercero cuarta" 2€
Blowfuse "Into the spiral" 2€
Browning "Burn this world" 2€
Caliban "The awakening" 3€
CKY "Carver City" 2€
Confession "long way home" 3€
Dep "Calculating infinity" 3€
The Devil wears prada "Zombie Ep" 3€
Fathoms "Cold Youth" 2€
Gravity kills "Superstarved" 2€
Gravity kills "Gravity kills" 2€
Gravity kills "Perversion" 2€
Give em blood "Seven sins" 3€
Polar "Shadowed by cultures" 3€
Staind "Dysfunction" 3€
Stick to your guns "Comes from the heart" 3€
The eyes "Pursuing the misfortune" 3€
The eyes "Insignis" 3€
Twenty fighters / My silence SPLIT 2€
Turbonegro "Scandinavian leather" 3€
Turbonegro "Party animals" 3€
Turbonegro "Retox" DIGIPACK 3€
Young guns "All our kings are dead" 2€
Young guns "Bones" 2€
Your demise "Ignorance never dies" 3€
Your demise "The golden age" 3€
Upon a burning body "Red white green" 3€
Veracruz "Skinandteethandnails" 3€ + DEMO
While she sleeps "North stands for nothing" 2€


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