Compro metal extremo clásico.

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Compro metal extremo clásico.

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Arch enemy: burning bridges
At the gates: Slaughter of the soul, The red sky is ours, With fear I kiss the burning darkness
Black Breath: Discografia
Bolt thrower: Realm of chaos, for victory, warmaster
Cannibal corpse: Wretched spawn, gore obssesed, vile, kill, tomb of the mutilated
Carcass: Symphonies of sickness, necroticism
Celtic frost: Morbid tales
Dark tranquillity: Character, Construct, Projector, The minds I, Gallery
Entombed: inferno, Serpent saints, Wolverine blues
Exodus: bonded by blood, pleasures of the flesh, impact is inminent, force of habit
Ghost: Opus euponymus (O como coño se escriba)
In flames: lunar strain
Iron maiden: Iron Maiden, Killers, No prayer for the dying, Fear of the dark "sin reeditar"
Kreator: pleasure to kill, Endless pain, Terrible certainty, Coma of souls
My dying bride: As the flower withers, a line of deathless kings, for lies I sire
Morbid angel: Altars of madness, Blessed are the sick.
Napalm death: Harmony Corruption, utopia banished, the code is red long live the code, order of the leech, enemy is the music bussiness
Nasum: shift, helvete
Obituary: Slowly we rot, Cause of death Sin reeditar
Sodom: Persecution mania
Tankard: Zombie attack


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