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Mensaje  LARVAEMASTER el Sáb Abr 18, 2009 10:49 am

Añado la lista de un colega para venta, si tenéis alguna duda, contactad con él en el email indicado más abajo.


CDs y MCDs

ACCEPT “Death Row” CD (BMG) 5€
AKERBELTZ “Akerhell” CD (Millenium Metal Music) 10 €
AKERBELTZ “Never Deny from the Powers of Sorcery” CD (Last Rights) 10 €
ALASTIS “… And Death Smiled” CD (Adipocere) 10 €
ALASTIS “Revenge” (Century Media) 5€
ALTERED STATES OF DIVINITY “Kriegsmaschine” CD (Todeskult) 5€
ANCIENT CEREMONY “Synagoga Diabolica” CD (Alister Records) 10 €
ANDRAS “… Of Old Wisdom” CD (Perverted Taste) 5€
ANGANTYR “Kampen Fortsaetter” CD (Total Holocaust Records) 10 €
ANGRENOST “Evil” CD (Andromeda Creations) 5€
ANTAIOS / STIGMATIC CHORUS “God; The Fake Artist – Waters of Styx” (More Hate Productions) 5€
APRIL ETHEREAL “Advent” CD (Conquer Records) 5€
ARCKANUM “The 11 Year Anniversary Album” CD (Carnal Records) 10 €
ARS MANIFESTIA “The Red Behind” CD (Black Seed Productions) 5€
ASES “Neverending Warlust” CD (Taran Productions) 5€
ASGEIRR “Nouvel Ordre Du Nord” Demo CDr (Siegrunen Productions) 5€
ASHEN LIGHT “Pesn Velesa” CD (More Hate Productions) 5€
ASHEN LIGHT “Compassion To The Outcast, Hell To The Convicted” CD (More Hate Productions) 5€
BAPHOMET “Diable” MCD (No Label) 1€
BARAD DÛR “Dunkelheit” CD (Darker Than Black Records) 10 €
BARGULF “Invading the Throne” CD (Niedersachsenflan) 5€
BEASTCRAFT “Baptised in Blood and Goatsemen” CD (Black Seed Productions) 5€
BEHEADED LAMB “A Grave to this World” CD (Millenium Metal Music) 10 €
BELENOS “Notre Amour Eternel” CD (Polyphemus Records) 5€
BELENOS “Errances Oniriques” CD (Sacral Productions) 5€
BERGTHRON “Jagdheim” CD (Perverted Taste) 5€
BILSKIRNIR / FINSTEWALD “Totenheer – Rammbock” Split CD (Millenium Metal Music) 10 €
BIOHAZARD “State of the World Address” (Warner Bros Records) 1€
BLACK AVTVMN “Rivers of Dead Leaves” CD (Antichristian Front Records) 5€
BRANIKALD “The Mead of Misanthropy” CD (EE Records) 10 €
CARDINAL SIN “Resurrection” CD (Khaosmaster Productions) 5€
CRYFEMAL “Apoteosis Oculta” CD (Oniric Records) 5€
CRYSTALMOORS “The Unconquered Land” MCD (Draug-Dûr Productions) 5€
CRYSTALMOORS / OMENDARK “Nabia Orebia – Oroimenaren Sustraiak” Split CD (Draug-Dûr Productions) 5€
CRYSTALMOORS “Antiqvam Exqvirite Matrem” CD (Blood Fire Death) 10 €
DAMNATION “Rebel Souls” Digipack CD (Last Epitaph) 10 €
DAMNATION “Resist” CD (Cudgel Agency) 10 €
DAMNATION ARMY “The Art of the Occult” CD (God is Myth Records) 5€
DARKTHRONE “Under a Funeral Moon” Digipack CD (Peaceville) 10 €
DARKTHRONE “Transilvanian Hunger” Digipack CD (Peaceville) 10 €
DARKTHRONE “Plaguewielder” Digipack CD (Moonfog Productions) 10 €
DAWN OF DECAY “New Hell” CD (Vod Records) 5€
DECAYED “The Black Metal Flame” CD (Black Seed Productions) 5€
DIE SAAT “Niedergang” CD (EE Records) 5€
DUB BUK “Misyac Pomsty” CD (East Side) 10 €
EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT “Beheaded by Volition” MCD (Grotesque) 5€
END “End” CD (ISO666) 5€
ETHERIAL WINDS “Saved” CD (Malodorous Mangled Innards RecordS) 5€
FAERGHAIL “Blood will Follow Blood” MCD (Northern Soul Records) 5€
FLAGELLUM DEI / LUX FERRE / STERKVIND “Kult of the Black Flame” Split CD (War Productions) 5€
FOREFATHER “Deep Into Time” CD (Angelisc Enterprises) 10 €
FOREFATHER “The Fighting Man” CD (Angelisc Enterprises) 10 €
FORENSICK “Splattered Innards” MCD (Genital Herpess Records) 3€
FROST / FROSTMOON ECLIPSE “Katharsis – Photismos” Split CD (Third Alliance Records) 5€
FULLMOON “United Aryan Evil” CD (Blutreinheit Productions) 15 €
FUNEBRE “Children of the Scorn” CD (Xtreem Music) 5€
FURTHEST SHORE “Chronicles of Hethenesse Book I” CD (SPV/Napalm Records) 5€
FURZE “Trident Autocrat” CD (Apocalyptic Empire Records) 5€
GOATLORD “Early Beginnings of War” MCD (Battleskrs Productions) 3€
GODÜS “Hell Fuck Demon Sound” CD (Xtreem Music) 5€
GONTYNA KRY “Welowie” CD (Old Legend Productions) 15€
GRAVEYARD “Into the Mausoleum” MCD (Black Seed Productions) 3€
HALLSTATT “Barbarian Warlike Supremacy” CD (Nykta) 10 €
HELLBOUND / AMESTIGON “Austrian Black Metal” Split CD (Millenium Metal Music) 5€
HIMINBJORG “Haunted Shores” Digipack CD (Red Stream) 10 €
HOLOCAUST “Demoniac Bible” MCD (Hecatombe Records) 3€
HRIZG “Oaken Path of Grief” CD (Wraith Productions) 10 €
IMPURE “Corpses… Intense Stench” CD (Goregiastic Records) 5€
INFESTUM “Infestum” MCD (Battle Hymn Records) 3€
IUVENES “Empire of Iuvenes” Digipack CD (No Colours Records) 10 €
KONTROVERS “När Spelreglerna Ändras” CD (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) 5€
LEGACY “Pain for the Masses” CD (Self) 3€
LIGHTNING “Thought Decimation” MCD (Self) 3€
LIGHTNING “Filthy Human Beings” CD (Xtreem Music) 5€
LORD PAYMON “Evil Command” CD (Goat Music Records) 5€
LORD WIND “Rites of the Valkyries” CD (No Colours Records) 10 €
LUCIFUGUM “On Hooks to Pieces!” CD (Oaken Shield) 10 €
LUCIFUGUM “On the Sortilage of Christianity” CD (Chanteloup Creations) 10 €
MANGLED TORSOS “Drawings of the Dead” CD (Morbid Records) 10 €
MELTING FLESH “Good Addiction Butchery” CD (Danscrypt Records) 5€
MISCREANT “Oppressive” CD (Black Smith Records) 5€
MISTRESS “Of Perversity” MCD (Repulse Records) 3€
MONASTERIAL CRYPT “Stárí” CD (Meret Productions) 5€
MOONTOWER “In the Shadow of the Wolf” MCD (Total Holocaust Records) 10 €
MORDETH “Animacide” CD (Heavy Metal Rock Records) 3€
MORRIGAN “The Damned” CD (Undercover Records) 10 €
MYDGARD “Decay of thy Gods” MCD (Self) 3€
MYSTIC CIRCLE “Dranchenblut” Digipack CD (Last Episode) 10 €
NACHTFALKE “Hail Victory Teutonia” CD (Christhunt Productions) 10 €
NACHTFALKE “Doomed to Die” CD (Christhunt Productions) 10 €
NACHTFALKE “Land of Frost” CD (Christhunt Productions) 10 €
NAKED WHIPPER “Painstreaks” CD (MMF Records) 20 €
NARCOTIC GREED “Twicet of Fate” CD (World Chaos Production) 5€
NARGAROTH “Geliebte des Regens” Digipack CD (No Colours Records) 10 €
NECROMICON “Peccata Mvndi” CD (Hammerheart Records) 5€
NEMESIS AETERNA “In Misery Born” CD (Self) 3€
OBITANIA “Pagan Crystal Sphere” CD (Drama Company) 3€
ODAL “Einst Verehrt von Allen” MCD (Christhunt Productions) 10 €
ON “Vesania” CD (Self) 3€
ONIRIK “Spectre” CD (Nightmare Productions) 5€
PREJUDICE / CARNAL DECAY / INFANT BILE “Grotesque First Action” Split CD (Grotesque) 5€
PROCLAMATION “Advent of the Black Omen” CD (Ross Bay Cult) 10 €
RIGER “Des Blutes Stimme” Digipack CD (CCP Records) 10 €
RIVENDELL “The Ancient Glory” CD (Skaldic Art Productions) 5€
SANCTUS DAEMONEON “Grey Metropolis” CD (Regimental Records) 5€
SWORDMASTER “Moribund Transgoria” CD (Osmose Productions) 5€
SYMBEL “We Drink – Hymns and Counsel of Anglosaxon Heathendry” CD (Angelisc Enterprises) 5 €
TARM “Nad Tulevad Kääpaist” CD (Regimental Records) 5€
TENEBROSUS “The Fallo f Worthless Morals” CD (Metal Mind Records) 5€
THY WINTER KINGDOM “Opus II – InnerSpectrum” CD (b.t.o.d.) 5€
UHRILEHTO “Vitutus Millennium” CD (Schwartzdorn) 5€
URUK-HAI “A Night in the Forest” CD (Drama Company) 5€
WARLUST / PESTIS “The Final War – Plagueridden” Split CD (Regimental Records) 5€
WOLFTHORN “Spiritual Supremacy” MCD (Arcane Throne Productions) 3€
WOODTEMPLE “Feel the Anger of the Wind” CD (No Colours Records) 10 €
XASTHUR / ACID ENEMA Split CD (Total Holocaust Records) 5€


ARMAGGEDON “Anthems of the Black Order” Demo CDr (Satan’s Millennium Records) 1€
ARYAN ART “View in the Past to the Glory of Ancient Bulgaria” Demo CDr (Blood & Soil) 1€
BLACK EUCHARIST “Total Heathen War” Demo CDr 1€
CHAOTIC HOPE “Lunar Winds” Demo CDr 1€
CRITICAL POINT “Critical Point” Demo CD pro 1€
CRYFEMAL “Escucha… la Muerte Persigue!” Demo CDr 1€
CRYFEMAL “Raising Deads… Burnig Alives!!!” Demo CDr (Oniric Records) 1€
DIABOLICAL MESSIAH “Diabolical Attack” Demo CDr (Demonolaetria Records) 1€
DISFLESH “Warmaggeddon” Demo tape (Wolf Records) 1€
EMPTINESS “Necrorgy” Demo CDr 1€
EVERLASTING DARK “Symphony for Death” Demo CDr 1€
FORESTDOME “Mourningrim” Demo tape (Nigra Mors) 1€
LÁGRIMAS NEGRAS “In Penumbra” Demo CDr 1€
LORD WIND “Heralds of Fight” Tape (Old Legend Productions) 5€
MAGOG “Kingdom of Odin” Demo CDr 1€
MISANTROK “First Assault Against Christianity” Demo CDr 1€
NOTHUM “NFV” Demo CDr 1€
ROBED IN EXILE “The Rape of Purity” Demo CDr (Satan’s Millennium Records) 1€
SPIRITUAL “Iceland” Demo CDr 1€
TENEBROSUS “Tenebrosus” Demo CDr 1€
WINTERFROST “For the Infinity Frozen Dominions” Demo CDr (Blasphemy Records) 5€

Contacto: digitalprophecy [a]

**A partir de 30 €, se incluirán CDs y demos de regalo.

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