Necros Christos -Nine Graves- Ep 2014

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Necros Christos -Nine Graves- Ep 2014

Mensaje  ZAITHAM ISCARIOTE el Vie Ene 03, 2014 4:10 pm

A new year has come;

At the ninth hour, the ninth minute and the ninth second, all flames shall be set on fire within the grand hall of worship.
Moreover, brethren and sisters, we declare unto you the new gospel of the anointed dead yet breathing Christ, let it be known widely that a new release is soon to be at hand.

Scheduled to be released in early May 2014, NECROS CHRISTOS shall unveil an EP entitled NINE GRAVES. It will consist of two new yet unheard songs (not to be featured on the last and final album), as well as two old demons clothed in new vestments. Also featuring four temples and one gate, the overall nine tracks shall function as a bridge between the old and new path the grand NECROS CHRISTOS is walking upon.

To be released on Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records, we´re proud to announce that the artwork of NINE GRAVES shall be created and compiled by Timo Ketola, Manuel Tinnemans and Tlmnn Shepherd.

The recording sessions shall begin in mid February, more news following soon.

Thank you all!

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