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Mensaje  aldarion_gs el Mar Sep 03, 2013 10:45 am

Gran cantidad de CDs a la venta, con muchas rarezas.

Si se piden varios CDs puede haber descuentos en los precios.

Los precios no incluyen los gastos de envío (a cuenta del comprador).

Contactar vía privado o en "".

AbortedEngineering The DeadListenable RecordsPOSH03015First press
Abstract SpiritHorror VacuiSolitude ProductionsSP.046-115
Abstract SpiritTragedy And WeedsSolitude ProductionsSP. 031-095
After ForeverFollow In The Cry / Silence From AfarTransmission RecordsTMS-02519
After ForeverMonolith Of DoubtTransmission RecordsTMS-0337
AgathodaimonBlacken The AngelNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 298-2, 27361 629823,99
Alastis...And Death SmiledAdipocere RecordsCD AR 029, 27361-6975211
AmestigonHollentanzNapalm RecordsNPR0455
AmnionCryptic WanderingsOniric RecordsONC2765"Limited first edition (100 copies).Wooden box with screen-print in a black vinyl and special poster."
AnathemaThe Silent EnigmaPeacevilleCDVILEM  527Reedition.
AnathemaSerenadesMetal Mind RecordsMASS CD 01298,99
Ancient RitesDim CarcosaHammerheart RecordsHHR 0746,99
AndrasSword Of RevengeLast Episode, Last EpisodeLEP 039, 5.7039.20.561 LEP3
AntestorThe Return Of The Black DeathCacophonous RecordsNIHIL 30CD19
AralluThe War On The Wailing WallThe End Recordsnone3
ArcturusAspera Hiems SymfoniaAncient Lore CreationsALC 00218,99Digipack, used but in good condition.
Astral SleepAngelSolitude ProductionsSP.039-105
At The GatesTerminal Spirit DiseasePeacevilleCDVILEM  477Reedition (with slipcase)
AtaraxieSlow Transcending AgonyWeird Truth ProductionsWT-01942
AtmanLike Pure Unawaited MagicNew Gotia/Requiem RecordsNGR 0014,5
Avernus...Of The FallenM.I.A. Records30029-28
Baron RojoLarga Vida Al Rock And RollZafiro, Serdisco506121738,9
Baron RojoMetalmorfosisBMG España506123419
Baron RojoDesafioAvispaACD - 0039
Baron RojoVolumen BrutalChapa Discos74321 25998 245First edition on Chapa Discos
BeastcraftBaptised In Blood And GoatsemenBlackSeed ProductionsSEED666, seed66619,9"DPCD released in 2007 by BlackSeed Productions comes with an embossed cover and it folds out to an inverted cross, limited to 666 copies."
Beheaded ZombieHappiness For AllBadMoodMan MusicBMM.024-093
BehemothGromSolistitium RecordsSOL 00521First press
BehemothPandemonic IncantationsSolistitium RecordsSOL 02010First press
BorknagarQuintessenceCentury Media77289-25,99Digipack
BorknagarEmpiricismCentury Media77399-27,99Digipack
BrodequinMethods Of ExecutionUnmatched Brutality RecordsUBR 60012-28
CanaanBlue FireEibon RecordsCAN00139A3 digipack.
CarcassChoice CutsEaracheMOSH220CD6
CarcassReek Of PutrefactionEaracheMOSH006CDD10Digipack dual disc.
CarcassReek Of PutrefactionEaracheMOSH 6 CD81994 reissue.
Cebren-KhalA Mass Of DespairBadMoodMan MusicBMM.035-106
CollapseMentale ImpotenzPagan Winter Productionsnone2
CovenantNexus PolarisNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 301-2, NB 27361 630124,5First press
Cradle Of FilthThe Principle Of Evil Made FleshCacophonous RecordsNIHIL1CD6
Cradle Of FilthDusk And Her EmbraceMusic For NationsCDMFNX 20810,5"Digibook first press,front letters are a little worn."
Cradle Of FilthVempire Or Dark Faerytales In PhallusteinCacophonous RecordsNIHIL6 CD4,99
Crimson MoonTo Embrace The Vampyric BloodAbyss ProductionsAbyss Cd0019,99
Crown, TheCrowned In TerrorMetal Blade Records3984-14394-24,94
Children Of BodomFollow The ReaperNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 560-2, 27361 656025
Dark FuneralDiabolis InteriumNo Fashion RecordsNFR0668
DarkseedAstral AdventuresMassacre RecordsMAS CD03677
DarksideMelancholia Of A Dying WorldSystem ShockIR-C-0476Digipack
Dawn Of RelicOne Night In CarcosaWicked WorldWICK 05CD4
DeathIndividual Thought PatternsCentury Media, Century Media66028-2, CM 66028-27,991999 reedition
DeathLive In L.A. (Death & Raw)Nuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 554-2, 27361 655427,99
DecapitatedThe NegationEaracheMOSH 274CD5,99
DeicideIn Torment In HellRoadrunner Records, Roadrunner Records12 084822, 8012084822RA4,99
DeicideLegionR/C Records, R/C RecordsRC 9192-2, RC 9192 26,4First press
DeinonychusDeinonychusArs Metalli, Ars MetalliARS CD 021, ARSCD0218,5digipack
DestructionSentence Of Death / Infernal OverkillSteamhammerSPV 85-75299
DestructionMetal DischargeNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 1170-2, 1170-26
DestructionThe AntichristNuclear BlastNB 632-24,9
DeviserTransmission To ChaosII MoonsTM 1206 215
Dew-ScentedImmortelleSteamhammerSPV 085-18262 CD8
Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black DimensionsNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 349-9, 27361 634909first press digipack
DisgorgeNecrholocaustXtreem MusicXM 002 CD5,5
Dismal EuphonyAll Little DevilsNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 340-2, 27361 634023,2
DismemberHate CampaignNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 419-2, 27361641925,8
DismemberWhere Ironcrosses GrowKarmageddon MediaKarma 0256,99
DornenreichNicht Um Zu SterbenCCP Records100186-213
DornenreichBitter Ist's Dem Tod Zu DienenCCP Records100198-217
DyscrasiaSeptical Stomach-Pumped RemnantsUnited Guttural RecordsUGR 0274
ElendLecons De TenebresHoly Records, Holy RecordsHOLY08CD, HOLY088First press
EmperorScattered Ashes - A Decade Of Emperial WrathCandlelight Records, Candlelight RecordsCandle 083CD, CANDLE083CD6,5
EnsiferumIronSpinefarm RecordsSPI177CD - 981563-69,5First press
EnslavedBlodhemnOsmose ProductionsOPCD 0639,99Digipack
EnthronedArmoured Bestial HellBlackendBLACK0316,5
EnthronedProphecies Of Pagan FireBlackendBLACK024DCD10First press (2CD)
EnthronedCarnage In Worlds BeyondNapalm RecordsNPR 1135,99
EntombedUprisingMusic For NationsCDMFNX2578,5Digipack
Equinox Ov The Gods, TheImages Of Forgotten MemoriesUnisound RecordsUSR 0247Digipack
Equinox Ov The Gods, TheFruits And Flowers Of The Spectral GardenUnisound RecordsUSR 0277Digipack
Erben Der SchopfungTwilightNapalm RecordsNPR 1249
Estatic FearSomnium ObmutumCCP Records100 151-229
EvildeadAnnihilation Of CivilizationSteamhammerSPV 084-76032 CD12Repress
EvokenShades Of Night DescendingAdipocere RecordsCD AR 03138
FinntrollNattfodd (Special Edition)Spikefarm Records, Spikefarm RecordsNaula 034sp, 981 890-912,52CD Digipack
FloodlandOcean Of The LostWait & BleedWAB0047
ForefatherDeep Into TimeAngelisc EnterprisesANG001CD22,99First press
GehennaMaliceCacophonous RecordsNIHIL 16CD12
Gene SimmonsKiss: Gene SimmonsMercury, Casablanca Records532 384-2(18)6
GravelandImmortal PrideNo Colours RecordsNC 025, N.C. 02517First press
GravelandFollowing The Voice Of BloodNo Colours RecordsNC 01218First press
Hate EternalI, MonarchEaracheMOSH 286 CDL4
HegemonChaos SupremeSacral ProductionsSPCD 0118First press
HollenthonOpus MagnumNapalm RecordsNPR 24210digipack, First press
Horned GodChaos, Bringer Of All RevelationsListenable RecordsPOSH0534,5
HurtlockerFear In A Handful Of DustNapalm RecordsNPR 1763,99
Hypocrisy10 Years Of Chaos And ConfusionNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 630-2, 27361 663025,99
HypocrisyAbductedNuclear BlastNB 1106-26,99Digipack, reedition
HypocrisyHypocrisy Destroys WackenNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 376-2, 27361 637624,8
HypocrisyThe Final ChapterNuclear Blast, Nuclear BlastNB 283-2, CD 27361628325,8
Impaled NazareneTol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz...Osmose ProductionsOPCD 01091993 Osmose
Impaled NazareneNihilOsmose ProductionsOPCD 0937
InvocatorDying To LiveProgress RecordsPCD-2010
KadenzzaThe Second RenaissanceHoly RecordsHOLY 104 CD7digipack
KataklysmEpic (The Poetry Of War)Nuclear BlastNB  621-25,9
La Polla RecordsRevolucionOihukaPC-1399
La Polla RecordsNo Somos NadaOihukaPC-1566
La Polla RecordsDonde Se HablaOihukaPC-1659
L'amme ImmortelleAls Die Liebe StarbMatrix CubeTRI 155 CD7
Led ZeppelinHouses Of The HolyAtlantic7567-81529-24,5
Led ZeppelinPhysical GraffitiSwan Song7567-92442-26,5
Led ZeppelinIn Through The Out DoorSwan Song7567-92443-25,5
Letargy DreamHeliopolisBadMoodMan MusicBMM.034-103,5
Limbonic ArtIn Abhorrence DementiaNocturnal Art ProductionsECLIPSE 0088,5First press
Limbonic ArtAd Noctum: Dynasty Of DeathNocturnal Art ProductionsECLIPSE 0125,99First press
LunacyGrey SilenceSuffering Records, SPV GmbHSUFF004, SPV 65-96862 CDM12First press
Malevolent CreationThe Will To KillNuclear BlastNB 1069-27,2
MardukOpus NocturneOsmose ProductionsOPCD 0288,5First press
MayhemChimeraSeason Of MistSOM 0846,5First press
Megiddo (6)Subterranean Empire (With Us Omniscient Monarch)Rawforce ProductionsRAWFORCE 100-24
Melek-ThaEvil Is Too StrongDark Vinyl RecordsDV #332,99
MinionPanteraBeniihana Records114Digipack
MithotynKing Of The Distant ForestInvasion RecordsI.R. 03416First press
Mockery...On The SlabHecatombe RecordsHEC 0083,9
MoonspellThe Butterfly EffectCentury Media7990-25,8
Morbid AngelBlessed Are The SickEaracheMOSH  31 CD9,2First press
Morbid AngelCovenantEaracheMOSH 81CD6,9First press
MortiisFodt Till… HerskeEarache, EaracheMOSH 229 CD, MOSH 229CD3,99Reedition
Mournful GustShe's My Grief ...DecadeBadMoodMan MusicBMM.033-1082CD
Mundanus ImperiumOde To The NightskyVelvet Music InternationalICR 00749First press, black digipack
NachtvorstStillsBlack Devastation RecordsBDR02070Digipack first edition (limited 50 copies)
NasumShiftBurning Heart RecordsBHR 192-25,6
NecromantiaCults Of The ShadowOsmose ProductionsOPCD 1358,99Digipack, 2CD (first 2 albums of the band)
NecromantiaScarlet Evil Witching BlackOsmose ProductionsOPCD 03624,99First press
NecrophobicThe Nocturnal SilenceHammerheart RecordsHHR1388,99Reedition
Negura BungetTrilogyNegura Musicnone37
NehemahRequiem TenebraeOaken ShieldFPG249,8First press
Nocte ObductaGalgendammerung - Von Nebel, Blut und TotgeburtenGrind Syndicate MediaSYN01425First press
Nokturnal MortumTo The Gates Of Blasphemous FireThe End Records, Oriana ProductionsTE 6661, 666-213
Novembers DoomFor Every Leaf That FallsNot On Labelnone42
Old Man's ChildThe Pagan ProsperityCentury Media77183-26,49
Old Man's ChildBorn Of The FlickeringCentury Black7847-29,99Digipack
Old Man's ChildRevelation 666 (The Curse Of Damnation)Century Media77258-23,99Digipack, used
OndskaptDraco Sit Mihi DuxSelbstmord ServicesCELLAR 01023
OpethOrchidCandlelight RecordsCANDLE053TIN18TIN BOX. The tin box shows some "rusty" points. Ask for pics.
OpethOrchidCandlelight RecordsCANDLE053TIN23
OtygAlvefardNapalm RecordsNPR0425First press
PathologistPutrefactive And Cadaverous Odes About NecroticismM.A.B. RecordsMAB 2 CD18
PenetraliaCarpe NoctemLast EpisodeLEP 0337
PhlebotomizedImmense Intense SuspenseCyber MusicCYBER CD 1258
RebaelliunAt WarHammerheart RecordsHUW0053,59
Royal HuntLand Of Broken HeartsRoyal Records (11), Metal ManiaTECX-2562818,99Japanese edition
RunemagickEnter The Realm Of DeathCentury Media77254-223
SacramentumFar Away From The SunAdipocere RecordsCD AR 03469First press adipocere
SadnessAmes De MarbreWitchhunt RecordsWIHU 931335
SamaelRebellionCentury Media, Century Media77099-2, 7799-26,5Digipack
SatyriconIntermezzo IIMoonfog Productionsfog0213,99
SatyriconThe ShadowthroneMoonfog ProductionsFog 00311First press
SatyriconNemesis DivinaMoonfog ProductionsFOG 0129,99First press
Sear BlissPhantomsII MoonsTM 1201 235
Sear BlissThe HauntingII MoonsTM 1205 235
Sear BlissThe Pagan Winter / In The Shadow Of Another WorldII MoonsTM 1202 239
SentencedShadows Of The PastThrash (2)THOR 015 CD25Bootleg
SentencedFrozenCentury Media77246-25
Septic FleshOphidian WheelHoly Records, Holy RecordsHOLY23CD, HOLY 23CD26,99Digipack
SethLes Blessures De L'AmeSeason Of MistSOM 01012First press
SetherialLords Of The NightrealmHellion RecordsHel2159
Shroud Of Bereavement...Of AgesOak Knoll ProductionsOKP 00718
Sideris NoctemWait Till The Time Is R.I.P.BadMoodMan MusicBMM.036-104,5
StentorianGentle Push To ParadiseJacobiberg RecordsJR CD 0013,9
SuffocationBreeding The SpawnRoadrunner RecordsRR 9113-212First press
SummoningNightshade ForestsNapalm RecordsNPR0297
Symphony XParadise LostVictorVICP-6390526Japanese edition
TerrorizerWorld DownfallEaracheMOSH 16CD8,5
TestamentPractice What You PreachMegaforce Worldwide, Atlantic7567-82009-25
ThirdmoonAquis SubmersusNapalm RecordsNPR0586
Thy PrimordialWhere Only The Seasons Mark The Paths Of TimePulverised RecordsASH 002 CD17
ThyrfingVansinnesvisorHammerheart RecordsHHR 0837,5
ThyrfingThyrfingHammerheart RecordsHHR 0168,99
TiamatSumerian CryPoweragePRAGE010CD6,99Digipack
TristaniaWidow's WeedsNapalm RecordsNPR0415,6
Twilight OpheraShadows Embrace The DarkCacophonous RecordsNIHIL 27CD6,5
Twilight OpheraMidnight HorrorCacophonous Records, Cacophonous Records, Cacophonous RecordsNIHIL 35CD, NIHIL 35, Nihil 35CD8
UrgehalArma ChristiNo Colours RecordsNC 0119
VanaheimHelter Og Kongers FallNot On Label (Vanaheim Self-released)none25
VintersorgTill FjallsNapalm RecordsNPR 05617first press digipack
VordvenWoodland PassageNo Colours RecordsNC 03623
While Heaven WeptSorrow Of The AngelsEibon RecordsWHW00950first press digipack
WretchedPsychosomatic MedicineHellhound RecordsH 0031-235


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