Goatblood (ALE) - Invocation of Doom 'Tape'

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Goatblood (ALE) - Invocation of Doom 'Tape'

Mensaje  Juampa el Sáb Ago 24, 2013 1:56 pm

Invocation of Doom


1. Attack from below - 2:22
2. Battlefield Eden - 2:14
3. Goatblood Evocation 1:58
4. Moon of Blasphemy
5. Overgoat - 2:00
6. Skeletons Rapture - 2:38
7. Terror Shall Begin - 3:18
8. Radio Tower Satan 2:53

Total: 20:29 Minutes


The plague still billows hollowly after all these years and still destroys all hope, illusions and beliefs. GOATBLOOD, a German Black/Death Metal Combo who show some Doom influences, impressingly demonstrate on their first demo that there’s still enough flesh to rot on the corpse of Black Metal. Slow and fouling songs with deep growls and remarkable riffs cut through every positive perspective.

The demo is on red colored pro-tape, limited to 200 handnumbered copies and both side recorded. If you like VON, FAUSTCOVEN or BLASPHEMY, you’ll be satisfied with this one.

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