22 zines for sale/trade

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22 zines for sale/trade

Mensaje  Funestus el Mar Jun 04, 2013 8:04 pm

After some cleaning here´s a list of zines i have doubles or simply don´t want. All were read but are in perfect conditions. If interested make any offer (prefer to sell but a trade is always possible).

Bloody´zine #10 A4 Spanish written (Hypocrisy, Immortal, Warhammer, Tsjuder, Necrophobic)

Bloody´zine #11 A4 Spanish written (Possessed, Antaeus, Immolation, Impiety)

Bloody´zine #14 A4 Spanish written (Venom, Watain, Sadistik Exekution, Kill, Flotsam and Jetsam...)

Bloody´zine #17 A4 Spanish written (Nifelheim, Tyrant, Urn, Witchtrap, God Macabre, Dead Congregation, Necrovation)

Necroscope #16 A5 (Teitanblood, Hellish Crossfire, Victimizer, Moder, Old, Blasphemophager, Horrid Flesh, Mastifal...)

Necroscope #17 A5 (Machetazo, Zarathustra, Embryotomy, Burial Hordes, Samartary, Infernal Hate, Anael...)

Iron Hammer #3 A5 (Cultes des Ghoules, Death Invoker, Black Serpent, Sargatanas, Children Of Technology...)

Thrash Attack #1 A5 (Tankard, Gama Bomb, Nocturnal, Sauron...)

Thrash Attack #2 A5 (Toxic Holocaust, Minotaur, Merciless Death, Meltdown, Trench Hell, Redimoni)

Thrash Attack #3 A5 (Strikemaster, Antacid, Witchburner, Evil Army, Executioner, Deathhammer, Blood Quest)

Thrash Attack #4 A5 (Hirax, Sodomizer, Blood Feast, Flageladör, Einsatzkommando, Infernäl Death, Witching Hour)

Thrash Attack #5 A5 (Bulldozer, Witches Hammer, Baphomet’s Blood, Hellish Crossfire, Enforcer, Banished Force)

Ancient Ceremonies #3 (Manowar, Nile, Varathron, Enslaved, Primordial)

Black Blood #3 049/150 (Bestial Raids, Embrace oof Thorns, Nocturnal Graves)

Franang Zine #9 (Nehemah, Urgrund, Toxic Holocaust)

Franang Zine #10 (Nifelheim, Sacrifice, Vulcano, Hobbs Angel of Death)

Carnage #1 English/German written (Barbatos, Grand Belial´s Key, CutThroat, Kratornas, Front Beast)

Laudatio Funebris #1 (Abyssic Hate, Nachtfalke, Make a Change Kill Yourself, Tyranny/Wormphlegm, Skepticism, Mournful Congregation)

Dark Moon #9 (Archgoat, Der Sturmer, Urn, Satanic Warmaster, Pysage D´Hiver)

Abyss # 2 Copy nº 93 ( Dark Throne, Satyricon, Antaeus, Mortiis, Dodheimsgard, Corpus Christii)

Complete Necro #2 (Sathanas, Unpure, Slugathor)

Blutvergiessen #2 English written (Forefather, Nocternity, Tumulus)


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