Vendo más cds de heavy thrash!

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Vendo más cds de heavy thrash!

Mensaje  torso el Miér Mar 20, 2013 8:46 pm

Hola, vendo todos los discos a 3 euros:

Arsonists get all the girls "The game of life"
Matrix BSO
Saliva “Every six seconds”
Texas chainsaw massacre The beginning OST
Maroon "When worlds collide"
Red chord "Fusing together in revolving doors"
Vision of disorder "Imprint"
Muse "Resistance"
NIN "The downward spiral"
NIN "The fragile" digipack
NIN "Year Zero"
Radiohead "Amnesiac"
Anthrax "Spreading the disease"
Dillinger Escape plan "Calculating infinity"
Megadeth "So far so good so what" Ed japonesa
Megadeth "Peace sells" Remaster
Suicidal tendencies "Styll cico after these years"
Pennywise "pennywise"
The doors " The doors"
The doors "Waiting for the sun"
Fear factory "Soul of a new machine"
Fear factory "Transgression"
Kiss "Paul Stanley"
Annotations from an autopsy
Taylor and hwakins "Red light fever"
Rise against "the sufferer and the witness"

4 euros

Judas priest Sin after sin
Judas priest Killing machine
Judas priest British steel
Judas priest Point of entry
Judas priest Screaming for vengeance
Judas priest Defenders of the faith
Judas priest Painkiller

Más, paso ya del heavy/thrash:

Kiss "paul stanley" 4
Exodus bonded by blood" 6
Exodus "Fabolous disaster" 6
Exodus "pleasures of the flesh" 6
Testament "The legacy" 5
Testament "The new order" 5
Metallica death magnetic ed esp 5


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Re: Vendo más cds de heavy thrash!

Mensaje  ghoulhunter el Vie Abr 05, 2013 3:10 pm

Tienes un privado


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