Selling my whole collection

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Selling my whole collection

Mensaje  Triberising el Miér Ene 23, 2013 3:34 pm

The offers come from you!
Everything is from my own collection and in mint or near mint condition!

I accept:
- pay pal
- bank transfer


I'm from Germany and ship international.

Abyssic Hate - Suicidal emotions (first press)
Akitsa - La grande infamie
Astrofaes - Those whose past is immortal
Black Circle - Behold My Visions and Wisdom
Borknagar - For the elements
Bosnia - Bosnia
Capricornus - Alone against all
Debauchery - Dead scream symphony
Deathgate Arkanum - Totenwerke
Inferno - Duch slovanske sily
Isengard - Vinterskugge
Judas Iscariot - Heaven in flames
Judas Iscariot - Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten
Judas Iscariot - The cold earth slept below
Judas Iscariot - Thy dying Light
Kyla - Glory of Negativity
Macabre omen - The ancient returns
Nargaroth - Herbstleyd (first press)
Nocti Vagus - Venture in sombre passion
Prosatanicum - Enter the black metal holocaust Cdr
Prosatanicum - Unreleased Tracks
Sombre Chemin - Notre Heritage Ancestral
Steinklang Industries sampler IV
Summoning - Stronghold
Summoning - Nightshadeforests (first press)
Summoning - Lost tales
Trist - Sebevražední andělé (first press)
Venom - Darkest hour
Warwulf/ Sad -Walking the paths of despair
Weltmacht - The call to battle
Xasthur - The funeral of beeing

Aska -Förintelsehymner
Astrofaes - Ancestors' Shadows
Blood red fog - Blood red fog
Caer Gwydyon - To The Woods I Rode
Deep-pression - The critical state of lonliness
Deep-pression - Traveling through grey walls of existance
Deathgate Arkanum - Schattenkrieger
Deathgate Arkanum - Projection Alpha-Thanatos
Desolation Triumphalis - Forever Bound to Nothingness
Durthang - Passage beyond the cold vales of desolation
Gonfanon - Dux Bellorum
Gonfanon - Medival Hymns
Gonfanon - Samain
Gonfanon/ Forn draugost - The last Path
Hypothermia - Suicide fixation
Hypothermia - Självdestruktivitet född av monotona tankegångar
Hypothermia/ Durthang - Lead yourself to failure
Hypothermia/Dimhymn -Sjuklig intention
Inferno - Duch slovanske sily
Inferno - Live at Bitterfeld
Inferno - Temná poselství dávných předků first press
Judas Iscariot - Of great eternity
Kathaaria - Promo 2000
Katharsis - Fourth Reich
Kristallnacht - Blooddrenched memorial
Kristallnacht - Soldiers of triumphant sun
Life Neglected - Denial of the soul
Lord Wind - Atlantean Monument
Mare Frigoris - Demo I
Munruthel - Jav nav i Prav
Nihil Nocturne - Wahnsinn.Tod.Verrat
Osculum Infame - Sadomatic Impure Artgoat
Sühnopfer - Nos sombres chapelles
Total Genocide/ Krüel Kommando - Split
Veles - Black Hateful Metal first press
Veles - Night on the bare Mountain first press
Veil - Dolor
Warwulf - Forgotten Dreams of a lost empire
Wehmut - Wehmut

Antaeus/ Katharsis - Split
Asakku - Asakku
Barad Dür/ Bilskirnir - Split
Inferno/Apolokia - Split
Nocternity/Nastrond - Times of Mist/Vargtid w. poster

Black Circle - The Distant Wind white version
Hypothermia - Gratoner (w. poster) (black)
Kristallnacht - Warsprit Pic Lp
Summoning - Lugburz Pic Lp



Aska - Förintelsehymner XL (But fits like L)
Blind Guardian - Dragon L
Deathgate Arkanum - Totenwerke L
I shalt become - Somnium in putesco L
Urfaust - Drinking Skeleton M (From tour with TDB)

Urfaust/The Devils Blood - Tour poster
I shalt become/ Merrimack - Wanderings/ Of Entropy And Life Denial

Har shatan - His legacy
Silencer - Death Pierce me


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