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Mensaje  FOREVER el Lun Oct 29, 2012 2:59 pm

Hola, vendo los siguientes cds a 4€ cada uno:

...And Oceans - A.M.G.O.D.
Ab:Norm - Incide
Acetylene - Elements of Insanity
Acheron - Tribute to the Devil's Music
Agmen - Dethroned
Akhenaton - Divine Symphonies
Amduscias (Jpn) - Amduscias
Am I Blood - Agitation
Amongst the Swarm - Crowning The Defeated
Amongst the Swarm - Demo 05
Amsvartner - Dreams
Anatomy (Aus) - The Witches of Dathomir
Ancient (Nor) - Proxima Centauri
Ancient - The Halls of Eternity
Antithesis (USA) - Dying for Life
Apocalyptica - Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
Apollyon Sun - Sub
Archaean Harmony - Nihility Mundane Soul
Arkenstone (Prt) - Hymns To Our Fatherland
Asguard - Black FireLand
Atrocity - Atlantis
Atrocity - Blut
Atrocity - Shout
Autumn Verses - Tunes Of Disconsolation
Await Rottenness - The Chaos Eternal
Barbarian Prophecies - War is Imminent
Barbarian Prophecies - Conquerors of the Wolfthrone demo
Berserk - Rites of Supremacy
Berserk - Cries of Blood and Hate
Bethlehem - Mein Weg
Black Mass - Voices of Fate
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side
Blind Passengers - Bastard
Bloodrose - Into Oblivion
Burden of Grief - Haunting Requiems
By Brute Force
Canyon Creep - Hijack the World
Cathedral - The VIIth Coming
Cerberus (Ger) - Chapters of Blanquees
Cerebral Turbulency - Impenetrable
Chaosbreed - Brutal
Converge - You Fail Me
Coram Lethe - The Gates of Oblivion
Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave
Cradle of Filth - Midian
Curse - Cursed Be Thy Name
Daemonlord - The Sign (Key of the Underworld - Regained)
Danse Macabre - Eva
Dark Faith - The Sentence Of Satan (digipack)
Dark Funeral - Teach Children To Worship Satan
Darkside (Aut) - Shadowfields
Dawn of Dreams (Aut) - Eidolon
Defleshed - Death... The High Cost Of Living
Demonicon - Condemned Creation
Demonlord / Nocturn - SPLIT
Der Gerwelt - Human Breed
Descending Darkness (Aut) - Blutrausch
Desensitised - Thriving On Carnage
Desensitised - Virus of Violence
Destinity - Synthetic Existence
Detrimentum - A Monument To The Suffering
Diabolicum - The Dark Blood Rising (The Hatecrowned Retaliation)
Diabolique - Wedding The Grotesque
Disbelief - Disbelief + Infected (2CD)
Dissolute Paradise - Lichtschmerzkerzenleidfeuer
Dreadful Shadows - The Cycle
Eisheilig - Auf Dem Weg In Deine Welt
Elegy - State Of Mind
Emperor - Prometheus - The Discipline of Fire & Demise
Esqarial - Inheritance
Eternal Conspiracy - Dark Perversities At Funeral Grounds
Expretus - Spiegelsaal
Exsecratum / Imago Mortis - Brixheim
Eye Sea - Bloodgeon
Ezurate - Infernal Dominatio
Fall ov Serafim - Nex Jehovae
Fear Factory - Digimortal
Fermento - Insignia
Ferro Ignique - World Wide War
Fiend (Ger) - Freezing Funeral Serenades
Flagellum Dei (Ita) - Malbork
Flauros - Monuments Of Total Holocaust
Flotsam and Jetsam - High
Fragment - Angels Never Came
Frozen Illusion - Hatespawned
From Beyond - Endtime
From Thy Ashes - One With The Waves
Frostmoon Eclipse - Death Is Coming
Frozen Illusion - Hatespawned
Funeris Nocturnum - Slay and Burn
Galgeras / Göll / Vazal - Rage, Hate and Chaos - SPLIT
Gardenian - Soulburner
Garwall - Abyssus Abyssum Invocat
Geasa - Angel's Cry
Genocrush Ferox - The Sepulchre Strangulation
Ghast - May the Curse Bind
Gilla Bruja - 6 Fingered Jesús
Gnostic - Hatewar 666
Goat of Mendes - Hymn To One Hablase
Godüs - Hell Fuck Demon Sound
Gholgoth - Ouraboros
Golgotha - Melancholy
Grabnebelfürsten - Von Schemen und Trugbildern
Greenfly - Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality
Grimnismal - Grimnismál / Asablót-The Pagan Survival
Guerrilla (Ger) - Breed Us, Feed Us, Weed Us!
Hands of Fate / Epitaph Opera - The Equinox Anthems - SPLIT
Hermh - Echo
I.N.R.I - Hyper Bastard Breed
Imago Mortis - Una Foresta Dimenticata
In tha Umbra - Descend Supreme Sunset
In Battle - Welcome to the Battlefield
Inmost Dense - Unfold
Inner Shrine - Nocturnal Rhymes Entangled In Silence
Innominandum - To Improve Fit for Smaller Heads
Isenburg - Erzgebirge
Juggernaut (US) - Black Pagoda
KaosEngine - Hymn to death
Kludde / Wanhoop - Split
Krieg - The Church
La Division Mentale - L'Extase Des Fous
Legion of Sadism - Auf Gedeih und Verderb
Leukorrhea - Hatefucked and Tortured
Lightning Swords of Death - The Golden Plague
Lobotomy - Born in Hell
Lost Breed - Save Yourself
Lycanthropy (US) - ...As The Mourners Arise
Marduk - Fuck me Jesus (bootleg ruso)
Mastodon - Capillarian Crest
Mastodon - Colony of Birchmen
Mastodon - The Wolf is Loose
Mayhem - Mediolanum Capta Est
Melek Taus - Expulsion From The Realms Of Light
Misery Loves Co. - Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share
Misteltein - Divine. Desecrate. Complete
Moaning Wind - Visions in Fire
Morgoth (Ger) - Feel Sorry for the Fanatic
Morrigu (Bel) - Blood Shall Be Spilled
Morta Skuld - Surface
Mortal Intention - Sic Luceat Lux
Mortiis - Crypt of the Wizard
Mortiis - The Grudge
Mortus (Aut) - The Beat of Greed
Mucupurulent - Soul Reaver
Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation
Myriads - Introspection
Mystic Circle - Infernal Satanic Verses
Naer Mataron - River at Dash Scalding
NAOS - The Final Harvest
Napalm Death - Inside the Torn Apart
Nauseous Surgery - Immortal Warriors
Nazarene Decomposing - Ad Maiorem Sathanas Gloriam
NDE - End Of Trust
Necromantia - Covering Evil (2CD)
Necromicon - Peccata Mundi
Nefilim - Penetration
Night in Gales - Necrodynamic
Nine Inch Nails - Further down spiral
Noctuary - For Salvation...
Nocturnal Majesty - Orgiastic Trilogy
Obscure Devotion - ...Of Darkness, Death and Faith
October 31 - Stagefright
Pagan Heritage - Forn Sed
Panchrysia / Iconoclasm - SPLIT
Perversist - Necrophilharmony
Power Symphony - Lightbringer
Promethean - Gazing the Invisible
Psilocybe Larvae - Stigmata
Pure Sweet Hell - The Voyeurs Of Utter Destruction As Beauty
Pyuria - Calliphora Vomitoria Introitus
Queiron - Impious Domination
Raptor - Worship The Goat
Ratos de Porão - Guerra Civil Caníbal
Reckless Tide - Repent Or Seal Your Fate -- CD + DVD
Resurrected - Raping Whores
Reverence - Industrial Mental Concept
Rising Moon - They Are As Us
Rossomahaar - Imperium Tenebrarum
Rotten Minds - Necrogallery
Sabbat (Jpn) - Live Resurrection
Sacrist - Symphonies Of Ancient Empires
Sacriversum - Soteria
Satanic Slaughter - Afterlife Kingdom
Satanizer - The Throne of All Plagues
Secretum - Happy Happy Killing Time
Scatter the Ashes - S/T
Scream Forth Blasphemy - A tribute to Morbid Angel
Sculpture - S/T
Searing I - Bloodshred
Secretum - Happy Happy Killing Time
Seirim - Empire of the Dead
Sepultura - Roots
Sepultura - The Roots Of Sepultura (2CD)
Serenity (UK) - Then Came Silence
Severed Head - Fuck Your Bullshit
Shemhamphorash - Dementia
Sidus Tenebrarum - Dimlight
Skinlab - Disembody: The New Flesh
Sorath / Unclean - SPLIT
Soulcide / Nuclear Winter - Split
Soulless - Agony's Lament
Southern Drinkstruction
Suffering Down - Misanthropic And Nihilist Dharma
Sundown - Design 19
Svartpest - Ved Den Drabelige Inngang Til Helvete
Thalarion Lati - Thalarion Lati
The Everdawn - Poems - Burn the Past
The Project Hate MCMXCIX - Killing Hellsinki
The Second Coming - Opus II - Prophecy Of An Inverted Inversion
The True Endless - Wings of Wrath
Throned - ...There Where The Moon Rises
Timescapezero - TOTALWAR
Tjolgtjar - Five Tjolgtjarian Keys
Torch of War - The Principle of Cosmic Instability
Torrent (Ger) - Between The Stones
Trapjaw - Virushuman
Typhus - Profound Blasphemous Proclamation
Tyranny (Deu) - In Times of Tyranny
Unholy Land - The Fall of the chosen Star
Urkraft - The Inhuman Aberration
Vediog Svaor - In The Distance
Vemoth - Köttkroksvals
Veneral Disease - Perpetual Pain Procedure
Vesperian Sorrow - Beyond the Cursed Eclipse
Viking Crown - Innocence From Hell
Vortex - Imminence of Death
War (Pol) - Holy War
War - We Are... Total War
Watchmaker - Erased from the Memory of Man
Welkin - Angel Inside
Witches' Sabbath - Darkness Kingdom Coming demo
Witch Tomb/Martyrvore - Split
Witchbane - Soldiers of Hell
Withering Surface - The Nude Ballet
Zoltar - Into the Dephts to Burn

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