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Se venden cds y camisetas

Mensaje  Ankou el Dom Sep 16, 2012 2:25 pm

-Demos, promos etc

Abnormity – Demo 2002 2€
Diabolical – Desert Of Desolation 3€
Gardenian – Sindustries 2€
Naer Mataron – Skotos Aeanon 2€
Night In Gales – Thunderbeast 2€
Shroud Of Tears – …In Shrouds 3€
Throndt – Throndt 2€
Tidfall – Instinct Gate 2€
Symawrath – Chemical Psychodrama 3€

-CDs 4 euros

Devilyn – Reborn In Pain
Gandalf – Deadly Fairytales
Lithium – Cold
Embracing – Dreams Left Behind
Nemesis Aeterna – In Misery Born
Testament – Best of (1996)
Thy Disease – Rat Age
The Scarr – Animalenemy
Vampiria – Wicked Charm

-CDs 5 euros

Callenish Circle – Forbidden Empathy (2 CDs)
Coldseed – Completion Makes The Tragedy
Cruachan – Pagan
Grave Digger – Liberty Or Death
Imperious Malevolence – Hatecrowded
Kiss – Double Platinum
Night In Gales – Nailwork
Pagan Fire – Recopilatorio Digipack CD+DVD
Throne Of Chaos – Pervertigo
Raise Hell – City Of The Damned
Skyfire – Haunted By Shadows
Sound Of Silence – La Casa De Los Lamentos
Source – Left Alone
Six Feet Under – Graveyard Classics (Digipack, nuevo, aún por abrir)
Stormlord – The Legacy Of Medusa (2 Cds)
Zimmers Hole – Legion Of Flames

-CDs 6 euros

All Shall Perish – Hate.Malice.Inferno
Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign Of Darkness (Nuevo, aún por abrir)
Arsis – We Are The Nightmare (CD+DVD)
Bleeding Through – The Truth
Blood Red Throne – Affiliated With Suffering
Centinex – Subconscious Lobotomy
Chuck Schuldiner – Zero Tolerance
Crematory – Remind (2 CDs)
Cryptopsy – Once Was Not
Entombed – Monkey Puss (Live In London)
Grave – Dominion VIII
Grave – Extremely Rotten Live
Graveworm – (N)utopia
Grief Of Emerald – Christian Termination
Hate Eternal – Conquering The Throne
Human Mincer – Embrionized
Human Mincer – Degradation Paradox
Illdisposed – Burn Me Wicked
Impaled Nazarene – Death Comes In 26 Carefully Selected Pieces
Legend Beltza – Total Insanity (CD con dos discos + DVD)
Malevolent Creation – Manifestation (Digipack)
Marduk – Plague Angel
Over Kill – Wrecking Everything
Sacrilege – The Black Sun Collection (Lost in Beauty+The Fifth Seasson)
The Murder Industry – Death Motivation
Yattering – Genocide

-CDs 7 euros

Legion Of The Damned – Feel The Blade (Digipack CD+DVD)
Legion Of The Damned – Cult Of The Dead (Digipack 2CDs+DVD)
Merciful Fate – Melissa Deluxe Edition (Digipack CD+DVD)

- Camisetas, parches y banderas

Avulsed - Gorespattered Suicide L Manga Corta Total print 6€
Behemoth - Thelema 6 XL MC 6€
Scent of Death - Logo en la parte delantera y por la trasera dibujo de
pentáculo del grupo mas
frase ‘’Woven in the book of fate’’ MC XL 3€
Cannibal Corpse - The Wretched Spawn M MC 5€
Death - Perseverance of the sound M MC Nueva 6€
Deicide - Torment in hell L MC 6€
Dimmu Borgir - Spiritual Black Dimensions L MC 6€
Dissection - Anti-Cosmic metal of death M MC 5€
Marduk - Christraping black metal XL MC 6€
Camiseta camuflaje, típica de tonos verdes MC L 5€
Iron Maiden - Rime of the ancient mariner L MC (Nueva) 5€
Iron Maiden - Somewhere back in time L MC (Nueva) 5€
Iron Maiden - Dibujo de momia corriendo L MC 3€
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (Sudadera) L 8 €
Vader:De Profundis L MC 6€
Deicide:Stench of Redemption M MC 6€
God Dethroned:Bloody Blasphemy L MC 6€
Kreator:Pleasure To Klill Sudadera XL 8€

Parche In Flames 2€
Parche Martillo Thor 2€

Bandera Morbid Angel – Gateways To Annihilation 6€
Bandera Blind Guardian – Nightfall In The Middle Earth 6€

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