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Mensaje  vikingwarrior666 el Vie Ago 03, 2012 9:30 am

Hipoxia is our nihilist manifestation through the slow musick of death and desolation.
Hipoxia was born in 2009 when JK, E, and K pooling his music interests and
started to play and drink beer together in a dirty hole called Madrid.

After publishing the demo “Doomrehearsal” in Summer 2010 and playing live a few times sharing stage with bands like Monkeypriest, Reznik, Ali Agca, Dispain, etc. the next step was the publication of a debut LP.

And, after thousand of problems and misunderstandings of all kind, that debut, called as the band, is finally here. Recorded and mixed at the Mantis Studios (Feb/March, 2012) by F Trych and V. Brown (who has worked with bands like Wormed, Gödus, Banished from Inferno or Nüll), will be edited in the first half of autumn in a co-release by Le Crepuscule du Soir, Strange Records and Féretro Records. More than 50 minutes of filthy and hateful doom/drone with black and punk influences and nihilistic and full of hate lyrics.

This is our answer to the humanity in form of nihillistic Musick. A statement of intent against the shit that surrounds us. Hatred made noise.

Do what do wilt.






Le crepuscule du Soir: http://lecrepusculedusoir.yolasite.com/

Strange Records: http://strangerecords.blogspot.com.es/

Féretro Records: http://www.feretrorecords.com/


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