NECROPHILE - Mementos In The Misting woods LP out now!

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NECROPHILE - Mementos In The Misting woods LP out now!

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NECROPHILE - Mementos In The Misting woods LP out now!

Japan has a Metal source has delivered few significative bands that have been exported as globally hailed outfits. But every once in a while one of those remarkable combos that has broke through the neverending horizons of the Land of the Rising Sun, has been branded either by being an outstanding entity or a substantial freak of nature gifted with the prize of uniqueness, if not both at the same time. Necrophile definitevley belong to the first catergory but also shone with a hint of personality. The trio not only has proved their weight when interest about their music is still boling after more than two decades, but it also was the conjunction of musicians with a certain trajectory in the underground of their country, that with the time would mark the start and subsequent enhacenment of their activity on other rather notorious acts like Multiplex,Hellchild and Anatomia. Their simple death metal when the scene was on the epicentre of its eruption was a son of their time, with that rabid furious storm teenage drifting puch, as properly represents the songs of their demos and 7" EP along with the live tracks (recorded during the shows they perfomed on the US along with Deceased and Sadistic Intent) compiled on this anthology. Besides being a celebration offering of a time which was a frenzy spiral of excitement, "Mementos of the Misting Woods" also is the clearest evidence that something even greater could have been handled by these carnal lovers of the defuncts, if they wouldn't have meet such an early demise.

100 copies on purple vinyl and 400 on black

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