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Mensaje  manuel´s hammer el Vie Ene 06, 2012 6:52 pm

list of shirts and long sleeves,I send pics of the shirts greetings:

Leather & velvet Jacket with CRADLE OF FILTH "supreme vampyric evil" old rare official merchandising VAMPEROTICA big back patch (1997) in perfect conditions!!!only for maniacs!!!

KAMPFAR norse pagan folklore metal OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING TOUR 2007 vary rare!!! (size L/2 sides)

JUDAS PRIEST front judas priest logo + cross front in back photo of the band + logo (size M/2 sides)

SATANIC WARMASTER opferblut OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare white shirt!!! (size XL/2 sides)

NEVER STOP THE MADNESS official merchandising FULLMOON PRODUCTIONS (size XL/1 side)


BEHERIT oath of the black blood cult shirt!!! (size XL/2 sides)

MAYHEM DEAD with candle "live leipzig cover" die legende kehrt zuruck DEAD Per Yngve Ohlin tribute shirt (size XL/2 sides)

WASP got blood?then Ill drink yours! official merchandising THE CRIMSON IDOL TOUR 2007-2008

POISON open up and say...ahh! (size L/1 side)

SARGEIST satanic black devotion front + returning to misery & comfort official merchandising MORIBUND RECORDS (size XL/2 sides)

MAYHEM red logo front + Euronymous photo on back (size XL/2 sides)

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS sex magik blood sugar LONG SLEEVE official merchandising (size L/2 sides)

THE BLACK the priest of satan (size L/2 sides)

MYSTICUM in streams of inferno NO OFFICIAL (size L/1 side)

ANCIENT RITES the diabolic serenades vinyl cover front + band photo in back (size XL/2 sides)

ABRUPTUM rare cult shirt with old picture of member if these cult metal band (size L/1 side)

JUDAS ISCARIOT akhenaten photo with candle + logo rare shirt (size L/1 side)

MOONBLOOD blut & krieg (size L/2 sides)

BURZUM det som engang var NO OFFICIAL (size XL/2 sides)

LEVIATHAN tentacles of whorror front + cut,with the night ,into mine heart! in back OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

SARGEIST logo front + band photo in back LONG SLEEVE official merchandising MORIBUND RECORDS very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

BURZUM logo front + coming a church near you! in back cult shirt!!!(size XL/2 sides)

ZEMIAL logo front + fullmoon necrophilia in back (size L/2 sides)

MOONBLOOD fur den sieg very rare cult shirt!!!(size L/2 sides)

MAYHEM deathcrush cover album in black & white colour cult shirt!!!(size L/1 side)

OZZY OSBOURNE blizzard of ozz cover in front + logo in back (size XL/2 sides)

BLACK SABBATH band photo first era with OZZY in front + logo in back (size L/2 sides)

MOTORHEAD classic shirt with logo (size M/2 sides)

AC/DC heatseeker (size M/1 side)

AEROSMITH official merchandising rare white shirt with tour dates GET A GRIP TOUR 94 (size M/2 sides)

AEROSMITH official merchandising rare black shirt with tour dates GET A GRIP TOUR 94 (size L/2 sides)

HIM heartagram in front official merchandising (size M/1 side)

JIMMY PAGE (LED ZEPPELIN) official merchandising shirt (size L/2 sides)

GUNS N ROSES at the whisky Sat,Aug,23 official merchandising shirt (size M/1 side)

MOTLEY CRUE girls girls girls cover album in front + logo in back (size M/2 sides)

AC/DC band photos BON SCOTT first era in colour! (size M/1 side)

RAVENCULT summer rituals tour 2008 with ROTTING CHRIST + KRISIUN official merchandising with tour dates (size XL/2 sides)

METALLICA ride the lightning cover album front + logo in back (size M/2 sides)

EMPEROR as the shadows rise EP cover front rare shirt (size XL/2 sides)

MOONSPELL old logo Under the Moonspell era OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING TOUR 2007 (size XL/2 sides)

THE DOORS JIM MORRISON black/white picture LONG SLEEVE (size L/1 side)

ROTTING CHRIST sign of evil existence in front + keeping the horns rising since 1989 shirt official merchandising TOUR 2008 with KRISIUN + RAVENCULT (size XL/2 sides)

OZZY OSBOUNE photo on stage front & back (size XL/2 sides)

SWORDMASTER postmortem tales Official merchandising OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS very rare!!!album cover in front + band photo with JON NODVEIDT with gun on back cult shirt!!! (size XL/2 sides)

LIMBONIC ART moon in the scorpio Official merchandising NOCTURNAL ART PRODUCTIONS very rare!!!album cover + logo in front + rare pìcture in back (size XL/2 sides)

THRONE OF CHAOS pervertigo Official merchandising SPINEFARM RECORDS (size XL/2 sides) very rare!!!

MANOWAR kings of metal Agony and ecstasy tour 94/95 official merchandising very rare (size L/2 sides)

MACHINE HEAD MCMXCII OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING shirt tour 2008 very rare (size XL/2 sides)

HEROES DEL SILENCIO avalancha cover album front + logo in back (size L/2 sides)

BLACK SABBATH logo in cross official merchandising (size M/1 side)

MANOWAR louder than hell LONG SLEEVE with tour dates hell on wheels tour 97 OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

GUNS N ROSES use your illusion tour 91 with USA tour dates OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!includes band photo promo album (size XL/2 sides)

GUNS N ROSES skin and roses tour 92-93 with AXL & SLASH picture in front + logo in back very rare!!!(size L/2 sides)

NARGAROTH black metal is krieg OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING cult shirt!!! (size L/2 sides)

SATYRICON all evil demo shirt very rare!!! (size M/2 sides)

GUNS N ROSES one in a million OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare white colour shirt with AXL in front + logo tour city dates in back (size XL/2 sides)

RAJNA on the traces of time,wisdom is rising from our fire spirits to touch the celestial OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare coloured shirt (size XL/2 sides)

DEATHSPELL OMEGA logo front + infernal battles cover album + logo on back OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING cult shirt very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

IRON MAIDEN the number of the beast classical coloured shirt with cover album in front + logo on back (size M/2 sides)

SLAYER show no mercy OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING colour cult shirt!!!logo + cover album in front + old rare band photos and member names on back (size L/2 sides)

IRON MAIDEN edward the great OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING green shirt (size M/2 sides)

NYDVIND eternal winter domain white LONG SLEEVE OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING TOUR 2007 with KAMPFAR very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

IMPALED NAZARENE suomi finland perkele cult shirt gold colour!!! (size L/2 sides)

FORGOTTEN WOODS as the wolves gather OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING cult shirt!!! (size XL/1 side)

DARK FUNERAL classic shirt with logo in front + old rare picture of first MCD cult shirt!!! (size XL/2 sides)

IUVENES riddle of steel classic shirt with logo & eagle in red colour cult shirt!!! (size XL/1 side)

SATANIC WARMASTER logo + werwolf in front very rare!!! (size L/1 side)

IMPALED NAZARENE K.F.S. is the only law OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING cult shirt very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

IRON MAIDEN world slavery tour 84-85 OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING classical colour shirt with POWERSLAVE cover + logo in front + tour country dates on back cover (size L/2 sides)

DESTRUCTION thrash til death cult shirt with old band photo + logo in front very rare!!! (size XL/2 sides)

ELIZABETH BATHORY classical picture of the legendary COUNTESS BATHORY (size XL/1 side)

THE CHOSEN all old ends OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!! (size L/1 side)

BATHORY first album shirt with logo & goat red eyes in front cover + logo on back (size XL/2 sides)

OLD MANS CHILD born of the flickering OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare colour shirt (size L/2 sides)

EVOL the tale of the horned king very rare cult shirt!!! (size M/2 sides)

TROBAR DE MORTE logo OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!! (size XL/1 side)

INQUISITION into the infernal regions of the ancient cult OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare cult shirt!!
(size L/2 sides)

FAUSTRECHT demoniak LONG SLEEVE OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare!!! (size L/2 sides)

KRIEG (USA) OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare shirt!!! (size L/2 sides)

ENSIFERUM OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING SPINEFARM RECORDS very rare I have 2 copies!!! (size L/2 sides)

VARATHRON genesis of apochryphal desire very rare coloured cult shirt!!! (size L/2 sides)

TORMENTOR anno domini very rare cult shirt!!!! (size L/2 sides)

NORDISCHES BLUT our banners will rise OFFICIAL MERCHANDISING very rare coloured!!! (size M/2 sides)

manuel´s hammer

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