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Mensaje  bichorojo el Sáb Ago 06, 2011 1:25 pm

Amortis-Summoned by astral fires
Angra-Rebirth World Tour - Live in Sao Paulo 2cd
Covenant Nexus polaris
Crest of darkness-Project regeneration digi
Crest of darkness-The ogress
Cro-mags-Alpha omega (org. CM ´92)
Cynic-Focus (org.´93)
Dark moor-The hall of the olden dreams
Dismal euphony-Autumn leaves digi
Dismal euphony-Lady ablaze
Dark funeral-Diabolis interium (Red leather digi)
Dark funeral-Vobiscum satanas Irond
Divine empire-Doomed to inherit
Forlorn-Opus III
Graveworm-Scourge of malice digi
God forsaken-The tide has turned
Gloomy grim-Blood, monsters.. Irond
Hysteria-Abysmal plains of chaos
Iron maiden-Flight of icarus/The trooper
Iron maiden-Running free/Run to the hills
Mactatus-The complex bewitchment
Memory garden-verdict of posterity
Memory garden-mirage
Malignant eternal-Alarm
Neo-cultis-oKKult:act II
Ozzy osbourne-No rest for the wicked
Rotten sound-Murderworks
Sear bliss-The haunting
Salem-Collective demise
Satariel-Lady lust lilith HHR
Sa meute-Hyperboree
Shadowbreed-The light and the shadow
Thy infernal-Warlords of hell
Vintersorg-The focusing blur
Vintersorg-Visions from the spiral..

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