Tape's, 7", LP's, en venta

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Tape's, 7", LP's, en venta

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Anathema, Serenades + Extra Tracks, Futurist/Peaceville, 1993
Contamino, Mother Nature Gased, Carnal Records
dISEMBOWELMENT, TranscenDence into the peripheral, Relapse Records
D.O.R., The essence of self-destruction, Skull Productions
Durthang, Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation, Insikt
Hypothermia, Saphien Irretable, Self-released
Hypothermia, Suicide Fixation, Total Holocaust Records
2 Hypothermia, Svarta Nyanser Av Ljus, Antihumanism, Second press
Hypothermia, Självdestruktivitet Född Av Monotona Tankegångar, Meurtre Noir
Hypothermia, Självdestruktivitet ... II - Monoton Negativitet, Meurtre Noir
Hypothermia & Durthang, Lead Yourself to Failure, Insikt
Hypothermia, Veins, Insikt
Isolation, Striding on the Path of Nihil, Tour de Grade
Life Neglected, The fall of man, Cursed Creation
Marthyrium, Rites of vengeance and darkness, Self-released
Spear of longinus, …and the Swastikalotus, Forgotten Wisdom Productions


Bethlehem, Thy pale dominion, Red Stream
Funeral Dirge, The silence ebony, Selbstmord Services (1/200 hand-numbered
Hypothermia & Aska, Unjoy (500 copies)
Hypothermia & Svartnar, Undergangen, Eternity Records (265/340 hand-numbered)
Hypothermia & Arkha Sva, Fog of the Apocalypse, (3/520 hand-numbered)
Nortt, Hedengang, Sombre (350 copies)
Shining & Dolorian, Unpleasant Wax & Perverted Taste


Ondskapt "Draco Sit Mihi Dux" Double-LP released in 2005 by The Ajna Offensive.
Ondskapt "Dödens Evangelium" Double-LP released in 2005 by Norma Evangelium Diaboli.
Orthodox, Amanecer en puerta oscura, Alone Records, (Special Edition, Brown, 300 copies)
Shining, Throught years of oppression, Unexploded Records (500 copies)
Spear of longinus, The yoga of national socialism, Vinland Winds (Originally released on 888 black vinyl)


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