Material en venta cd's, lp's, ep's INSATANITY, DERANGED, FERMENTO, etc.

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Material en venta cd's, lp's, ep's INSATANITY, DERANGED, FERMENTO, etc.

Mensaje  Speed King el Vie Jun 24, 2011 5:46 pm

Vendo el siguiente material, interesados contactar por pm, gracias.

CD's parte 1

ABBADON INCARNATE (Us)- Dark crusade cd 2004 Xtreem music
ALIENATION MENTAL (Czech Rep.)- Ball spouter cd 2002 Khaaranus Productions
CEPHALIC CARNAGE (Us)- Exploiting dysfunction cd 2000 Relapse records
CEPHALIC CARNAGE (Us)- Halls of Amenti limited edition seen through cd 2002 Willowtip Records
CEPHALIC CARNAGE (Us)- Lucid interval cd 2002 Relapse Records
CEREBRAL EFFUSION (Spa)- Immortal cemetery cd 1998 selfreleased
CEREBRAL HEMORRHAGE (Us)- Exempting reality cd 2001 Mutilated Records
CHRIST DENIED (Spa)- ... Got what he deserved cd 1996 Gulli Records
CHRIST DENIED (Spa)/ BASTARD SAINTS (Ita)- split cd 2ooo Macabre Mementos
DAMNABLE (Pol- Inperdition cd 1996 Cryptic Soul Productions
DAMNABLE (Pol)- 2000 Promo cd 2000 selfreleased
DAMNABLE (Pol)- Completely devoted cd 2001 Cudgel Agency
DAMNABLE/ INCARNATED (Pol)- The futuristic trial of mankind/atrocious vermin spli cd 1998 Novum Vox Mortis
DEFACING (Chil)- The beginning of human cruelty cd 2003 Toxic records
DESPONDENCY (Deu)- Extinction cd 2001 selfreleased
DETERIOROT (Us)- In ancient beliefs promo cd 2001 selfprinted
DIFER NOM BASTA (Mex)- Bloangen cd 2003 selfreleased
DISAVOWED (Hol)- Perceptive Deception cd 2001 Unique Leader Records
DISLIMB/DYSCRASIA (Us)-split cd 2002 Comatose Music
DYING FETUS (Us)- Killing on adrenaline cd 1998 Morbid Records
DYING FETUS (Us)- Purification through violence cd 1996 Diehard Records
ENTORTUREMENT (Us)- Descent into deprivation cd 1998 Lo'cash productions
ENTORTUREMENT (Us)- Digging up the remains cd 2001 Decimatic productions
EYE SEA (Deu)- Bloodgeon cd 1999 Shredded records
FERMENTO (Spa)- Insignia cd 2004 Voliac Rock Productions
FERMENTO (Spa)- Symbols of decrepitude, symbols of supremacy cd 1997 Goremania Records
FERMENTO (Spa)- Three murders cd 2002 Ablated records
FLESHGRIND (Us)- Destined for defilement cd 1997 Pulverizer Records
FLESHGRIND (Us)- Live in Germany cd 2002 United Guttural Records
FLESHGRIND (Us)- The seeds of abysmal torment cd 2000 Season of Mist
GORATORY (Us)- Orgasm induced diarrhea cd 2002 Amputated Vein Records
IMPETIGO (Us)- Buio omega cd 1991 Obscene productions
INCARRION (Us)- Into the exposed abyss cd 2002 United Guttural Records
INCESTUOUS (Us)- Brass knukle abortion cd 2000 United Guttural Records
INHUME (Hol)- Decomposing from inside cd 2000 Bones Brigade
LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY (Hol)- Hymns of indigestible suppuration cd 1999 Bones Brigade
LIVIDITY (Us)- Age of clitorial decay cd 2000 Erebos Productions
LIVIDITY (Us)- Fetish for the sick cd 1997 Ablated Records
LIVIDITY (Us)- 'till only the sick remain cd 2002 Morbid Records
LUST OF DECAY (Us)- Infesting the exhumed cd 2002 Comatose music
MALTHUSIA (Us)- Promo 2000, cd 2000 Selfreleased
MISERY INDEX (Us)- Overthrow cd 2001 Fadeless Records
MISERY INDEX/ COMMIT SUICIDE (Us)- split cd 2002 Willowtip Records
MORBID SAVOURING (Fin)- Autopsy Lust cd 2000 Motosierra Records
MORGUE (Fra)- Bone crunch cd 1999 Fleshfeast prods.
PIG DESTROYER (Us)- Prowler in the yard cd 2001 Relapse Records
PROPHECY (Us) / CRYPTIC (Deu)- Split cd 2001 Noise Variations
PROPHECY (Us)- Foretold...foreseen cd 1998 Corpse Gristle Records
PROPHECY (Us)- It shall come to pass cd 2001 Corpse Gristle Records
REINCARNATION (Spa)- Void cd 1997 Repulse Records
RETALIATION (Swe)- The execution, cd 1999 Headfucker records
ROSSOMAHAAR (Rus)- Quaerite lux in tenebris cd 2002 Xtreem music
ROTTREVORE (Us)- Iniquitous, cd 1993 Drowned Productions
SCENT OF DEATH (Spa)- Entangled in hate cd 2002 Selfreleased
SCREAMING AFTERBIRTH (uS)- Puke pile cd 2001 United Guttural Records
SECT OF EXECRATION (Us)- Baptized through blasphemy cd 2002 Txdm underground
SKINLESS (Us)- Foreshadowing our demise cd 2001 Relapse Records
SKINLESS (Us)- Miscreant cd 2002 selfreleased
SKINLESS (Us)- Progression towards evil cd 1998 United Guttural Records
SPLATTERED CADAVER (Us)- Merciless butchery cd 2001 United Guttural Records
TERATOMA (Spa)- The terato-genus reborn cd 1998 Fleshfeast prod.
TON (Us)- Blind follower/Point of view cd 1998 Pathos Productions
TON (Us)- Plague cd 1999 Seething records
UNNATURAL (Spa)- Throne of anguish cd 1997 Qabalah Productions
VILE (Us)- Depopulate cd 2002 Unique Leader Records
VIRULENCE (Us)- A conflict scenario cd 2001 Morbid records
WASTEFORM (Us)- Ignorance through sovereignty cd 2004 Xtreem music
WICKED INNOCENCE (Us)- Worship cd 1999 Headfucker Records
WORMED (Spa)- Planisphaerium cd 2003 Macabre Mementos Records
WORMED (Spa)- Voxel Mitosis cd 2001 selfreleased
ZUBROWSKA (Fra)- One on six cd 2003 Xtreem music

CD's Parte 2

Abramelin (Australia)- “Abramelin”- Repulse Records 1997
Bloodshed Divine (Us)- “Summoned To The Ancient Dawn”-Largactyl Records 2000cd
Brodequin (Us)/ Misery Index(Us)/ Aborted (Bel)/ Drowning (Fra)- “Created To Kill”-
Bones Brigade 2002 split Cd
Brodequin (Us)- “Instruments Of Torture”- Selfreleased 2000 Cd
Brodequin (Us)- “Demo”- Selfreleased 1999 Tape
Brodequin (Us)- “Festival Of Death”- Unmatched Brutality 2001 Cd
Brodequin (Us)- “Prelude To Execution”- Unmatched Brutality 2003 Cd
Broken Hope (Us)- “Swamped In Gore”- Metal Blade 1991 cd
Broken Hope (Us)- “Loathing”- Metal Blade Records 1998 Cd
Cinerary (Us)- “Rituals Of Desecration”- Deepsend Records 2001 cd
Dead Infection (Pol)- “Surgical Disembowelment”- Mad Lion Records 1993 Cd
Deaden (Us)- “Hymns Of The Sick”- United Guttural Records 1998 Cd
Decapitated (Pol)- “Nihility”- Earache 2001 cd
Deeds Of Flesh (Us)- “Mark Of The Legion”- Unique Leader Records 2001 cd
Deeds Of Flesh (Us)- “Path Of The Weakening”- Unique Leader Records 1999 Cd
Deeds Of Flesh (Us)- “Inbreeding The Antropophagi”- Repulse Records 1998 Cd
Deeds Of Flesh (Us)- “Trading Pieces”- Repulse Records 1996 Cd
Deeds Of Flesh (Us)- “Gradually Melted”- Unique Leader Records 1995 Cd
Dehumanized (Us)- “Prophecies Foretold”- Pathos Productions 1998 cd
Demigod (Fin)- “Slumber Of Sullen Eyes”- Drowned Records 1992 cd
Demilich (Fin)- “Nesphite”- Repulse Records 1993 Cd
Deprecated (Us)- “Deriding His Creation”- Headfucker Records 1998 cd
Deranged (Swe)- “III”- Listenable Records 2000 cd
Deranged (Swe)- “High On Blood”- Regain Records 1998 cd
Devourment (Us)- “Molesting The Decapitated”- United Guttural Records 1999 cd one of the 1000 first pressing copies with the infamous fuck print…
Devourment (Us)- “1.3.8.”- Corpse Gristle Records 2000 cd first pressing.
Disgorge (Us)- “Cranial Impalement”- Extremities Productions 1998 cd
Disgorge (Us)- “She Lay Gutted”- Unique Leader Records 1999 cd
Disgorge (Us)- “Consume The Forsaken”- Unique Leader Records 2002 cd
Disordered (Us)- “Documentaries Of Disgust”- Slaughterhouse Records 1998 cd
Enmity (Us)- “Vomit Forth Intestinal Excrement”- Amputated Vein Records 2002 cd
Eternal Suffering (Us)- “Drowning In Tragedy”- Extremities Productions 1999 cd
Exhumed (Us)- “Slaughtercult”- Relapse Records 2000 cd
Exhumed (Us)- “Gore Metal”- Relapse Records 1998 cd
Flesh Feast (Can)- “Flesh Feast”- Civilian Death Network 2000 cd
Foetopsy (Us)- “Dyspartum”- Barbarian Records 2002 Cd
Forest Of Impaled (Us)- “Forward The Spears”- Red Stream Records 2003 cd
Goreopsy (Slov)- “Intentional Disfiguration”- Life Fluids Productions 2000 cd
Gorgasm (Us)- “Stabwound Intercourse”- Extremities Productions 1998 cd
Gorgasm (Us)- “Bleeding Profusely”- Extremities Productions 2001
Hemdale (Us)- “Rad Jackson”- Relapse Records Underground Series 2002 cd
Houwitser (Hol)- “Embrace Damnation”- Displeased Records 2000 cd
Human Remains (Us)- “Where Were You When”- Relapse Records 2002 double cd
Impaled (Us)- “Choice Cuts”- Deathvomit Records 2001 cd
Impaled (Us)- “The Dead Shall Dead Remain”- Deathvomit Records 2000 cd
Impaled (Us)- “Mondo Medicale”- Deathvomit Records 2002 cd
Insatanity (Us)- “Divine Decomposition”- Unisound Records 1996 digi cd
Internal Bleeding (Us)- “Voracious Contempt”- Pavement Music 1995 cd
Jumbo’s Killcrane (Us)- “The Slow Decay”- Crucial Blast 2004 cd
Kataklysm (Can)- “Epic: The Poetry Of War”- Nuclear Blast Records 2001 cd
Kauterion (Spa)- “Toward The Lights Of The End”- Selfreleased 2003 cd
Killing Addiction (Us)- “Omega Factor”- JL America 1993 cd
Lock Up (Uk/Swe)- “Hate Breeds Suffering”- Nuclear Blast 2002 cd
Malignancy (Us)- “Intrauterine Cannibalism”- United Guttural Records 1999 cd
Malignancy (Us)- “Motivated By Hunger”- United Guttural Records 2000 cd
Malignancy (Us)- “Ignorance Is Bliss”- Primitive Recordings 2001 cd
Malignancy (Us)/Intervalle Bizzare (Chec)- “Split”- Shindy Productions 2002 cd
Misanthropic (Deu)- “Soulreaver”- Xtreemmusic 2003 cd
Mortal Decay (Us)- “Sickening Erotic Fanaticism”- Selfreleased 1997 cd
Origin (Us)- “Origin”- Relapse Records 2000 cd
Origin (Us)- “Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas”- Relapse Records 2002 cd
Paganizer (Swe)- “Murder Death Kill”- Xtreemmusic 2003 cd
Primitive Brutality (Us)- “Ten Years”- Primitive Recordings 2000 cd
Putrefied (Hol)- “Body Bits”- Sevared Records 2002 cd
Pyrexia (Us)- “System Of The Animal”- Serious Entertainment 1997 Cd
Regurgitation (Us)- “Tales Of Necrophilia”- Ablated Records 1999 Cd
Reinfection (Pol)- “They Die For Nothing”- Ablated Records 1999 cd
Repudilation (Us)- “Repudilation”- Burning Dogma Records 2000 cd
Scattered Remnants (Us)- “Procreating Mass Carnage”- Vaginal Vomit Records 1994cd
Scattered Remnants (Us)- “Inherent Perversion”- Vaginal Vomit Records 1995 cd
Scattered Remnants (Us)- “Destined To Fail”- Repulse Records 1998 cd
Sepsism (Us)- “Purulent Decomposition”- Repulse Records 1999 cd
Sepsism (Us)- “Severe Carnal Butchery”- Selfreleased 2001 cd
Severance (Us)- “What Lies Ahead…”- Blackend Records 2001 cd
Sintury ( Us)- “Disgorging The Dead”- Corpse Gristle Records 1998 cd
Skeleton Of God (Us)- “Urine Garden”- Creepo Records 1993 cd
The Heretic (Spa)- “Chemistry For The Soul”- Xtreemmusic 2004 cd
Withered Earth (Us)- “Forgotten Sunrise”- Cryptic Soul Productions 1997 digi cd


Skinless (Us)- “Progression Towards Evil”- Revenge Productions 1998 Lp
Brodequin (Us)- “Instruments Of Torture”- Fleshfeast Productions 2000 red Lp
Brodequin (Us)- “Instruments Of Torture”- Fleshfeast Productions 2000 black Lp
Deranged (Swe)- “…The confessions Continues.”- Obliteration Records 1993 7” Ep
Deranged (Swe)- “Upon The Medical Slab”- Malodorous Mangled Innards 1994 7” Ep
Damnable (Pol)/ Mixomatosis (Spa)- “Goat Beee…/ Escorxador De La Humanitat”
Voliac Rock Productions 2001 split 7” Ep
Dying Fetus (Us)- “Grotesque Impalement”- Revenge Productions 2000 Lp
Fermento (Spa)- “Only The Flesh”- De Vermis Mysteriis 1992 7” Ep
Exhumed (Us)/ Nyctophobic (Deu)- “Totally Fucking Dead/Sterility”- Revenge 7” Ep
Houwitser (Hol)/ Grind 6,4 (Chec)- “split”- Copremesis Records 1998 split 7” Ep
Houwitser (Hol)- “March To Die”- Displeased Records 2001 7” Ep
Impaled (Us)/Cephalic Carnage (Us)- “split”- Headfucker Records 1999 split 7” Ep
Machetazo (Spa)/ Corrupted (Jap)- “split”- Frigidity Discos 2000 split 7” Ep
Nasum (Swe)/ Abstain (Us)- “The Black Illusions/ Religion Is War”- Yellow Dog
Records 1998 split 7” Ep
Prophecy (Us)/ Perversist (Chec)- “split”- Pigeon Shit Agency 1999 split 7” Ep

Speed King

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