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Mensaje  Abathor el Vie Nov 19, 2010 10:25 am

Buenas!Quería aprovechar para hacer un poco de promo y pegar un vídeo de estudio de la demo que grabamos el año pasado Smile

Gathering Darkness was created in the summer of 1998 in Santander (Cantabria) with the idea to play Death-Doom. The first formation was Mon (guitar), Lavín a.k.a Uruksoth (vocals) (too in CrystalMoors, Forestdome, Frozen Dawn, Dë Vermiis Mysteries), Jesús(drums), Fernando (bass) and Ramón (guitar), being that last replaced in a little time for Julo.
In December of this same year the make debut in its first live one, to that several concerts follow it for the Cantabrian geography. In April 2000, the band begins to record to the Klutniclak studios what would be its first Demo-cd called « Surrounded by Thorns », containing 6 tracks in a wave more Death metal, but without losing the Doom parts that existed in the beginning of the band. « Surrounded by Thorns » had a few good reviews both of people and of different underground means (‘zines, radios, webzines…).
Later, they took part with the theme « A New Fallen Angel » in the compilation cd « Bloody Compilation 1 » with other national bands. With the time, they continue composing new themes that denote that the music has evolved to become more forceful and with a more agressive voices. In 2001, Julo leaves the band, and after a few time searching a new guitarist, in 2002, Nico begins with the band, and in that summer, they start to record the second Demo-cd called « Suffering Into my Dreams », at the Bonnie & Clay studios.
At this time, the Demo-cd has 4 new tracks, and includes three bonus tracks extracted of the previous Demo-cd « Surrounded by Thorns », both Demos autoedited by the own band. The new themes continue the Death metal wave, with light Doom touches, and enclosed any part of Brutal Death, appearing in the compilation cd « Metal Ostentation 5 » of Sound Riot Records label, a track of that Demo, « The Cold of the Limbs ».
At the end of 2003, the band decides to change its style to orientate it towards Brutal Death, motive for wich Mon leaves the band, staying as a quartet the current formation. In January 2005, there is recorded a promo with two tracks, « The New Begining », with the idea of hanging them on the web and move it to that one sees the change experienced by the band, appearing the theme « Visions of an Astral Dream » in the compilation cd « Xtreemities Compilation 2 » of Xtreem Music.
In May of this year, the band decides to record its first one CD at the Bonnie & Clyde studios, and gets itself about to different labels, and after receiving some offers, the band decides to sign in order that the CD were been edited with Grotesque Music, going out edited in February 2005, under the name of « Beholders of the Pain Planet »...
At the begining of 2009 the band continues with rehearsals, after a period of inactivity because of working matters,with the return of Chuspi at the drums,and Kike as the new guitarist, replacing Nico, who left the band after this period of inactivity and now is busy with other projects.
With this new line up, the composition of new songs starts and two of them are recorded at The Drive Division Studios to promote the band and its activity. At this moment, composition continues....

Un saludo gente!! bounce


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