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Mensaje  bichorojo el Jue Nov 11, 2010 9:38 pm

Amortis-Summoned by astral fire 5
Autumn verses-Tunes of disconsolation 6
Dark fortress-Tales from eternal dusk 6
Dark tranquillity-Haven digi (digi is used)
Deathwitch-Violence blasphemy sodomy 5
Dissection-The past is alive(2 press outprint NECROPOLIS)
Divine empire-Doomed to inherit 5
Edguy-Theater of salvation 5
Forlorn-Opus III(ad caelestis res) 5
Forlorn-Hibernation 5
Gorgoroth-Twilight of the idols 6
Impaled nazarene-Nihil 6
Infernal-The infernal compendium 5
Mactatus-The complex bewichtment 5
Mactatus-Suicide 5
Rotten sound-Murderworks
Salem-collective demise 5
Thirdmoon-The bloodforsaken 5
Thy infernal-Warlords of hell 5
Vintersorg-Vision from the spiral generator 5
Vintersorg-The focusing blur 5

Dismal euphony-Lady ablaze 4
Hysteria-Abyssal plains of chaos 4
Malignant eternal-Alarm 4
Sentenced-The funeral album(RUSSIAN PRESS) 4
Void-Posthuman 4
Voice of hate-Gods of hell and earth 4

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